May 11, 2021: Britney Spears has pink hair now, as revealed via two Instagram posts shared yesterday. The “Toxic” singer’s bubblegum pink ombré strands sent her 30 million Instagram followers wild, and they flocked to the comments section to share their excitement for the new ‘do. “OMG OMG PINK HAIR PINK HAIR,” one excited fan wrote.” Another said what we’re all thinking which is, “OKAY HAIR.”

And we can’t talk about Spears without talking about the 39-year-old’s full-body leopard-print catsuit, which also made its debut in the posts showing off her new hair yesterday. In the accompanying caption to the first of two feed posts, she wrote, “Miss pussycat loves to bite 😬😼🐾… be careful ladies and gentlemen 😜😜😜 !!!!!” In the second post of her dancing, she wrote, “SHE WANTS TO MOVE 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 !!!!!”

Spears’ new pink hair is fun, a welcome change for the star, who hasn’t been known to make drastic changes to her hair. As seen in the posts above, the color seamlessly transitions from a warm blonde at the roots of her hair into a gentle, rosy-bubblegum pink at the ends, reminiscent of the same shade seen in the background of the cover art for her debut album Baby One More Time. It’s a subtle color—and as closer to “natural” as it gets when talking about pink.

But is there more going on behind the scenes? Could Spears with pink hair be a possible code or message? In March, the princess of pop posted on Instagram that she would reveal “Project Pink” the following week, but nothing came to fruition. Could “Project Pink” be this new hair color, even though much more than a week has passed? Is her pink hair the first clue to uncovering what”Project Pink means?” Guess we’ll have to wait and see. More to come as GRAZIA learns more.