While “All Over Color” was a definitive ready-to-wear trend of the Fall/Winter 2021 season, it’s impossible not to notice the actual colors of the looks that walked runways and were featured in lookbooks. Pay attention closely enough and clear trends emerge.

From fall, we’ve come to expect darker and richer colors, muted jewel tones and saturated neutrals. We’re used to seeing fall staples like coats and sweaters in deep reds, dark browns, and grays. Neons and pastels are typically reserved for the shorts and skirts of spring. But this season, those assumptions have been turned on their heads and pastels emerged as the unexpected color trend of fall.

This season, we are seeing puffers, sweaters, hats, and gloves in powder blues, soft yellows, blush pinks, and other pastels! Of course, the tried and true colors of autumn (a bold red and an emerald green) are still very much present in the fall collections, but the prevalence of pastels as a color trend is something we couldn’t have anticipated and we are here for this surprising shake up. We’ve rounded up the biggest color trends seen in FW21 so you can taste—actually more like wear—the rainbow.

blush pink


powder blue