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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and just in case you’ve been swamped with constant Zoom meetings, navigating countless Slack channels and re-bingeing Bridgerton (guilty!) in your down time, to search for the perfect gift for that amazing maternal figure in your life, we at GRAZIA have got you covered.

Over the past year, home has become so important to us all. We’ve invested heavily in our spaces, acquiring art for our blank walls, buying that spice colored “Always Pan,” winning that vintage 1970s Italian sofa in auction etc. We’ve been curating a space that feels like us, that feels like our safe space, that truly feels like home, creating our own luxury. Scent is the ultimate form of luxury for your home, so what’s more luxurious than an artisanal candle? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite candles for you to shop for all the special mom(s) in your life:


First up, The Bibliothèque candle from Byredo. (available in both a 70g size as well as a 240g size). This is for the classic, timeless mom who has an appreciation for clean, easygoing scents.

Bibliothèque Candle
Image courtesy of Byredo. Byredo, Bibliothèque, $35/85 SHOP NOW

Fragrance notes: Plum, Peony, Violet, Leather, Patchouli, & Vanilla. 


Here we’ve curated two scents for two distinct moms.

For the more traditional mom, FLEURSHADOW (8.5 ounces). An elevated take on that classic floral scent with an incense and benzoin undertone. Think floral but with a dark moody twist.

Image courtesy of Boy Smells. Boy Smells, FLEURSHADOW, $39 SHOP NOW

Fragrance notes: Geranium, freshly cut rosebuds, and elusive violet spiked with dark resins.

For that cool mom (catch the “Mean Girls” reference) CASHMERE K*SH.(Available in 8.5 ounces or 27 ounces). It’s a scent that’s definitely out of the box with its brand signature dried pot flower note but nonetheless, it’s still elevated and decadent, hence the “Cashmere” reference. 

Image courtesy of Boy Smells. Boy Smells, CASHMERE K*SH, $34/80 SHOP NOW

Fragrance notes: dried pot flower and molecular wood, linking amber and powdery musk.

*Also a chic candle isn’t complete without a wick trimmer. Add on the matte black wick trimmer from Boy Smells for the complete luxury candle experience.


Champagne Wasted

FORVR (4R) Mood is the new business venture of beauty icon/influencer/impresario Jackie Aina. It’s a lifestyle storefront that’s all about bringing luxury and self-care to Black women. “As a brand, we’re writing a love letter from Black women to Black women. We’re rewriting our narrative together.” Their Champagne Wasted candle includes actual notes of pink champagne; what’s more luxurious than that?

Champagne Wasted Candle
Image courtesy of FORVR Mood. FORVR Mood, Champagne Wasted, $35 SHOP NOW

Fragrance notes: Pink Champagne, strawberry, peach, magnolia, rose, vanilla, heliotrope.


BAIES / BERRIES CANDLE. I mean when we talk about iconic perfume maisons and iconic scents, Diptyque and their staple BAIES scent, are among the top of the heap. For the mom with a keen eye for detail, Diptyque candles are the right fit for them. The BAIES candle is a standard scent. With the essence of a fresh bouquet of roses and then the sweet notes of berries, this candle just smells like grandeur.

Baies Candle
Image courtesy of Diptyque. Diptyque, Baies $98 SHOP NOW

Fragrance notes: Freshness of a bouquet of roses, sweetened with blackcurrant leaves.

Le Labo

It’s no other than the “it” girl favorite, Santal 26. (Available in a 8.6 oz size as well as 43.2 oz concrete mold size) This is for the mom who loves a good staple piece. It’s a scent that packs a punch with its sandalwood bottom notes and a large throw. An added bonus to this deliciously perfumed candle is that you can have the label personalized with a name/phrase of your liking. Sign us up.

Santal 26 Candle
Image courtesy of LE LABO. LE LABO, Santal 26 $75 SHOP NOW

Fragrance notes: Amber, cocoa, vanilla, cedar, spices, musk, and sandalwood.

If your mom/maternal figure truly loves Santal 26, it’s available in a magnum sized, 43.2 oz handmade concrete vessel version (in both white and grey concrete colorways) which truly screams luxury.

Santal Grey Concrete Candle
Image courtesy of LE LABO. LE LABO, Santal 26 Grey Concrete Candle $480 SHOP NOW
Santal 26 White Concrete Candle
Image courtesy of LE LABO. LE LABO, Santal 26 White Concrete Candle $480 SHOP NOW

Alexandra Winbush

Window Seat (9 oz). This candle is from a young emerging artisanal brand, based in Brooklyn, NY. This is for the mom who wants a unique, curated experience through scent. Window Seat, which takes its name from an Erykah Badu song, has sweet yet spicy notes, creating a complete sensory experience.

Window Seat Candle
Image courtesy of Alexandra Winbush. Alexandra Winbush, Window Seat $29 SHOP NOW

Fragrance notes: Soy Blend – Pomegranate+Ginger.

What makes Alexandra Winbush candles so luxurious, is that they offer bundled sets that include artisanal loose leaf tea as well that takes on the same notes as the candle. It’s a fully curated experience that centers around relaxation. “Why just buy a candle when you can buy an experience?”

Window Seat Set
Image courtesy of Alexandra Winbush. Alexandra Winbush, Window Seat  Set $40 SHOP NOW
Alexandra Winbush Set
Image courtesy of Alexandra Winbush. Alexandra Winbush, Window Seat  Set $40 SHOP NOW

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