Ben Affleck Anna De Armas
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When Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas were first photographed together, many people didn’t think their romance was real. De Armas had just burst onto the scene as Hollywood’s hottest new thing after she was cast as the new Bond girl in the upcoming film, No Time to Die, going on to front magazine covers and garner over 3.6 million Instagram followers. The only thing that could make her star shine brighter? A famous beau hanging off her arm.

Enter Affleck, who’d had a slew of bad press following his marriage breakdown with Jennifer Garner and who was in desperate need of some positive PR. The pair met on the set of Deep Water in November 2019 and, after this glorious tweet – “Ben Affleck right behind me spitting game to Ana de Armas in Spanish all night long is a vibe” – hinted at the pair being more than co-stars, they were spotted in March 2020 taking their first holiday together to Havana, Cuba.

Back in Los Angeles, the couple started heading out publicly together, being photographed by paparazzi almost daily walking arm in arm with their dogs. Even COVID was no match for these two, who opted to quarantine together at de Armas’ house instead of splitting up to spend lockdown alone. The rumor mill really started picking up as to whether the union was real or created to give each of them a bit of media attention when literally every other day the pair was photographed in an incredibly happy embrace walking up and down de Armas’ street in front of paparazzi. They also got matching broken heart necklaces, which is.. much too much, even if they’re a real couple.

Ben Affleck Ana De Armas
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But fast-forward to now and either these two have a really tight contract, or we’re all jaded and no longer believe real love exists even when it’s parading itself up and down the street in front of us.

In the past few months, not only have de Armas and Affleck been spotted house-hunting in LA, but they’ve been papped on double dates with Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana Barroso, and spending time with Affleck and Garner’s three children.

Credit: Instagram / @ana_d_armas

Now, in a chaotic 2020 twist no one saw coming, they’ve been photographed reunited on the set of the movie where they first met, Deep Water, where de Armas was spotted wearing a diamond ring on that finger.

While sitting on a balcony, de Armas holds out her hand and stares at the ring while Affleck, who’s smoking a cigarette, holds his girlfriend – new fiancée? – and smiles widely at her.

Though it sure looks a whole lot like wedding bells are ringing, E! News is reporting that the ring might be nothing more than a movie prop: apparently, de Armas “was spotted wearing the same exact prop ring last year, just before things turned romantic between her and Ben.”

Either way, given how in love these two sound, a wedding might not be too far off. An eyewitness told E! News, “Ben seemed ecstatic to see Ana again after he hadn’t been with her for a few weeks. They were so happy to be around each other and couldn’t keep their hands off one another.”

The source also revealed that they “weren’t shy about PDA and didn’t stop kissing…. While they were waiting for the shot to be set up, they were kissing nonstop. They hung out together the entire time and never left each other’s sides…. They were sweet together and clearly missed each other a lot.”

Adorable… I think?