Leonardo DiCaprio
Credit: Getty Images

As Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio continue to be spotted together in New York City, it seems this innocent fling is gaining longevity. After a messy split with Zayn Malik in 2021 — a relationship which was once described as “destructive” — we wouldn’t be surprised if her family had their opinions. But according to a source for Entertainment Tonightsister Bella Hadid and mother Yolanda Hadid are in full support of the relationship.

“Bella and Yolanda think Leo is incredibly talented and are of course supportive of their relationship,” an insider told the publication. In short, “they just want Gigi to be happy, support her, and help her be a great mom.”

Neither Hadid or DiCaprio have publicly addressed their romance, however a source believes that “Leo finds Gigi to be gorgeous, super down to earth, and smart.” They continued, “They both genuinely enjoy each other’s company and connect over a variety of things. Leo is enjoying getting to know Gigi better. They are both hoping to spend as much time as they can together.”

Just some of their outings have included a recent dinner date at celebrity hotspot Cipriani’s in Manhattan and an exclusive Halloween party last month. Then of course there was Paris Fashion Week where DiCaprio flew to France to see Hadid — he was spotted entering her hotel.

While any celebrity romance comes with its own intrigue, this particular coupling arrives after we were all led to believe that the Titanic actor only dated women under the age of 25. Hadid is 27. The star recently split with his longtime girlfriend Camille Morrone just months after she turned 25 causing a stir and controversy over his supposed “ageism.”