If there is one person who is constantly staying booked right now, and killing it every single time, it’s Bella Hadid. She has made splashes across platforms over the last couple days with multiple new campaigns for various different brands, two of which most recently include Versace and Michael Kors. Hadid, while staying consistent in her quality, always brings with her a sense of poise and confidence on set, and it shows in the finished product. Let’s break down some of her most recent shoots.

First off, we have her new campaign with Versace for their Virtus collection. The photograph was shot by Mert Alas and Mac Piggott with styling by London-based celebrity stylist Jacob Kjeldgaard. She wrote on the Instagram caption for her post “Given LIFE by @donatella_versace 🤍🕊🤍 I love you my V Fam. An Honor every single time.” We’re getting major ’00s Samantha Jones vibes.

In the look, Hadid bares most of her midriff and hips, with black fabric tastefully draped across her chest, arms and legs. The bottom portion of the outfit features a black strap that showcases a signature golden Medusa medallion. The hair is big and reminiscent of ’60s beehive hairdos of the mod fashion era. The icing on the cake for this look is the handbag that she proudly displays in her hand, made of a lustrous black material with a maximalist, monogramed ‘V’ on the front with a gold chain as a strap — luxurious and very Versace.

In her second campaign of the week, Hadid fronted the Michael Kors Karlie bag. Most notably, and the look that is making the most splash online, is one featuring a extravagant leopard-print jacket. With nary a garment underneath, she channels sensual yet professional silhouettes in the trenchcoat, which is bound at the waist and blossoms outwards down her legs.

The Karlie handbag, which features multiple colorways, is made of a material that resembles snakeskin. Hadid really went into the animal kingdom for this one, and every inch of it is wild and stunning.