If you’ve been looking for your daily dose of Bella Hadid content, then look no further. The model took to Instagram last night to post some never before seen snaps from her ongoing campaign with Marc Jacobs for their “Heaven” campaign. Hadid posed on what looks like a building rooftop in a bra and skirt combination and it gave us all sorts of Bohemian references. With hair blowing in the wind and not a care in the world, Hadid embodies a new sense of freedom and spirit in this campaign.

In one of a series of photo posted for this new campaign, Hadid models in a skirt that depicts a a scene from the 1999 film The Virgin Suicides. The skirt was paired with a light beige bra and chunky, black combat boots which grounded the outfit, giving it more of a punk edge mixed with frilly softness that has become so iconic with the Marc Jacobs portfolio.

This new addition to the Heaven campaign, directed by Alexandra Leese, embodies a mystical fantasy that was exemplified in the skirt worn by Hadid in these new photos.

“When I think of Heaven, it would definitely be somewhere in nature, somewhere white, pure and untouched.” Leese says in the newest campaign video. “Every single fruit glows in this heaven, and there would 100% be fairies.”

The promotional material for this campaign embodies a love for nature and fairytales, yet the promotional ad that Hadid posted is quite urban, yet retains the same mystical quality of boundlessness, carefree behavior and magic that we’ve come to know with this campaign.

Wan to match Bella’s look? In the photo, she is wearing the Lux Flowy Skirt, which retails for $175 on the Marc Jacobs website. But as we’ve seen in the past, once Bella sets a trend, it can be hard to get your hands on the pieces she helped to popularize.