Despite being one of the most privileged, wealthy, and famous models in the world, Bella Hadid has always been candid, kind and generous with her fans, both online and in real life. In a new post shared overnight, the 24-year-old revealed that in recent weeks she’s been taking a break from social media completely in a bid to help her mental health.

Yesterday, Hadid posted a slideshow of images, leading with a colorful, spiritual illustration, her first post since January 5th. “I took some time away to reflect and learn about myself in a way that would be too much to explain at the moment, but with time I will express,” Hadid captioned the post. “The memories and fortune I came back with are pure wisdom, a closer relationship with myself & my spirituality, a sense of self-love that I have always lacked, a few great friends, and these books that saw me through.”

“I found myself, my strength and my light again,” she wrote. “I am only here to be an instrument of peace & love to help people that suffer and hopefully the world, in time… Thank you to my angels who have supported and have continued to love me, for me. You saved me.” 

The slideshow included a picture of a wall with a quote by Jean Campbell written on it, which reads, “All healing begins with a reconnection to self. By growing in understanding and connection to our own passions, hurt, values, challenges, and dreams, we can, in turn, develop deeper, more authentic relationships with others.” Further photos showed a stack of spiritual books, a blurry flick of Hadid riding horseback, and an accumulation of rocks and gems.

Hadid then encouraged her followers to reach out for mental health support if they need it: “Take time to get help for your mental health. It’s worth it to get to your full potential,” she wrote, finishing the post. 

Credit tile image: Dior