Jacquemus’ Simon Porte – coined a “perennial patron of happiness and joy” by our Fashion Features Editor Chrisanthi Kaliviotis – pushed pivot on how his label creates content almost the second the coronavirus pandemic summoned everyone to their homes. Following his recent #JacquemusAtHome Challenge (a call to his creative followers to fashion pieces from his SS20 collection with bits and bobs from home), the designer has today revealed his latest campaign starring Bella Hadid – shot entirely via FaceTime as captured by photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti.

While print publications are all in the midst of re-thinking their shooting strategies – with many catching their tails amid the rampant spread of the virus – Jacquemus was already working on this grand reveal. There were no stylists, hair and makeup artists or photography assistants in the room; it was simply Hadid and her iPhone – with Carlotti directing her from across the Wifi waves.

The campaign, called “Jacquemus At Home” features key pieces – reimagined – from the label’s aforementioned SS20 collection, shown in June 2019. The series shows a crisp white blazer and pant combo styled with a mint green bralette and lucite sunglasses and another; a sheer lavender button-down bodysuit. When it came to showcasing bags, Hadid (with self-styled crimped hair) was actually nude in a couple of shots if not for a pair of jute platforms.

The results? They are so good, the campaign is as much an ad for the new iPhone’s camera resolution as it is for the label itself (and an ode to Hadid’s ability to create shapes against the most basic things like a bedroom door).

“Best few hours… reconnecting,” captioned Hadid on her Instagram post, a carousel of images that depicts how the shoot came together. Take a look.

Is this DIY approach the new normal? While Australia may get the green light to get back to work sooner rather than later, this may be the reality for America for a little while. Only the pros – like Hadid – and the creatives – like Jacquemus – will make the cut.