Illustration: Jenni Sparks

Bondi Beach, Australia

Ahhh Bondi. Where the surfers are up before the sun. Where the avocado toast is abundant and the air is thick with salt and fresh coffee. It’s the glittering jewel in Sydney’s crown – a blue water paradise loved by locals and tourists alike. It’s also a place where wellness is paramount. Enter Recreation Bondi Beach: a clean, non-toxic beauty brand founded by former magazine editor Nedahl Stelio. In line with the coastal hub’s less is more aesthetic, Recreation recently launched Vibrant Skin Face Oil – a moisturizer-serum-eye-cream hybrid that nourishes all complexions thanks to a blend of 25 botanical ingredients. Take a few drops and really push it into the skin for maximum glow with minimal effort. It’s laissez-faire beauty with a Bondi twist.

Recreation Bondi Beach Vibrant Skin Face Oil, $70. SHOP NOW