This morning per usual, I was scrolling through Instagram and came across what seemed to be Justin Bieber in a campaign for Balenciaga… I wrote it off as fan art (I mean, Justin Bieber in a high fashion campaign sounds like a dream, no?) As I continued scrolling, I was met with the image several more times down my feed. Okay, so at this point, I got into investigative journalist mode (aka checked Balenciaga’s Instagram), and boom, there he was donning Balenciaga, no caption as if it was even necessary at this point. My fashionable query (and dreams) have been validated. 

Other than his oh-so sultry Calvin Klein underwear campaigns, the Canadian-born singer, for whatever reason, has never fronted any major luxury brand campaigns — until now. So, of course, I was taken aback when the luxury brand revealed the campaign. Looking back at his recent Paris vacation with darling wife Hailey Bieber, it seems not only was it a getaway but a work trip for Mr. Bieber. 

The 27-year-old channels his aesthetic in a leather bomber jacket, white T-shirt, and sweatpants for the campaign. Shot by American artist Katy Grannan, Bieber poses effortlessly in front of what appears to be a garage door. Creative Director Demna Gvasalia also taps the stunning Isabelle Huppert, contrasting Bieber’s streetwear look with an elegant ensemble from the French label. Those who’ve been keeping up on our Cannes red carpet coverage know that Huppert recently dazzled the crowd in an all-black Balenciaga look, so naturally, the actress would be a part of its latest campaign. 

Isabelle Huppert in Balenciaga Campaign
Balenciaga DIY Runner Sneakers

This being Balenciaga, the campaign isn’t all about the A-listers. Once you take your eyes off of Bieber, you’ll also notice a new pair of sneakers from the iconic label. The newly debuted DIY Runner sneakers worn by Bieber are made to appear as if they’ve been worn. The deconstructed look gives the aesthetic that the shoe is pieced together from various patterns while holding a sturdy and functional structure.

We love this new venture into luxury campaigns for Bieber. And now that we’ve gotten a touch of it, hopefully, we’ll get some more in the very, very near future.