The gym is a tough schlep at the best of times, but right now, it’s pretty much off the table. And while there’s nothing wrong with pressing play on that fifth episode of Black Mirror while you socially distance, there’s also merit in a little movement to soothe your body and soul. Thankfully, a stack of fitness empires have stepped up to the table, offering at-home options (some for a discounted price) so you can still get your Pilates/yoga/HIIT fix from the confines of your living room. See our picks below.

Image credit: Instagram/kirstygodso

Fluid Form At Home

Boutique Sydney Pilates studio Fluid Form offers two locations across Sydney, but also an at-home program you can engage with any time, any place. Subscription comes with all the equipment (like sliders, bands and ball) so you can get a high caliber workout from the floor in your “remote office” (also known by most as the couch).

Keep It Cleaner

The Keep It Cleaner (KIC) app is founded by Australian influencers Stephanie Smith and Laura Henshaw. At only $20 a month, it’s an affordable way to work out at home already, but the two have kindly started hosting free sessions on Wednesday and Friday mornings for anyone who might find themselves out of a normal fitness routine. The app itself is a mix of yoga, HIIT, strength and mindfulness (as well as easy, feel-good recipes), so perfect for anyone who wants to engage in a range of movement without leaving the house (or breaking the bank).


US-based fitness company P.volve is a gentle, functional, effective take on exercise that works on hard-to-target muscle groups rather than grueling reps and sweaty finishers. Its closest comparison would be barre or Pilates – think long, lean, strong muscles. They offer streamable workouts, and for all new members right now, you can get your first 30 days for free. Sliders, bands and weights are used in some videos, but you can opt out of equipment altogether if you’ve got nothing at home.

Nike Master Trainer Kirsty Godso

Hype girl and energy dealer Kirsty Godso is an oracle when it comes to all things health and fitness. The trainer is also here for the people, sharing a quick, easy at-home workout for followers using literally nothing except for a pair of socks. Looks simple, but anyone who’s trained with Godso knows that simply isn’t true. This one hurts (in the best possible, isolated way).

Yoga With Adriene

If the current social climate has your anxiety levels high, a little yoga and breath work might be just the thing to help you look after your mental health. Yoga With Adriene is a YouTube channel by Adriene Mishler and it features quite literally a flow for everything (back pain, stress, jet lag, insomnia…). Find one that suits and take 30 minutes to just breathe.