Credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

Anna Delvey — whose real name is Anna Sorokin — is a free woman, well, sort of. This week the famous conwoman was released from ICE detention 18 months after she was arrested for overstaying her visa. She is now under 24/7 house arrest at her East Village apartment in Manhattan where she will stay for the duration of her “immigration proceedings.”

While the 31-year-old has been banned from using social media, she was able to speak with the New York Times in her first interview since leaving prison. It holds a far different tone to that of an earlier essay with Insider where Delvey chaotically attacked Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Daily Mail and the Netflix series, Inventing Anna. 

How did she do it?

Delvey was famous for conning hotels and business out of thousands of dollars. It seems that this perseverance and confidence has helped her release from prison. “I just had to find the person who’d align with my vision, not accept ‘no’ for an answer and make it happen,” she told the publication.

Is She Remorseful?

Judge Charles R. Conroy of federal immigration court said he didn’t think Delvey was remorseful for her past actions but did believe she was not longer a danger to the public. So how does Delvey feel? The infamous figure says she has changed and that she learned “so much” from her time in jail. “I am regretful about the way things played out,” she said. “The way I’ve tried to see my experience is to learn from it: Who I am today is because of the decisions I made in the past.”

Where Is The Money Coming From?

It’s a common question, especially given nearly four years behind bars. When asked this very question, Delvey responded, “I guess you’ll have to ask the government.” According to the Delvey she does own the bail money and apartment.

What’s Next?

While Delvey hopes to stay in New York City, the question remains on how she will support herself. For real this time. She wants to pursue art but says she has “many projects” in the works.

“I’m working on my own podcast with different guests for each episode,” Delvey added. “But it’s not shaped up yet. It was pretty hard to record anything high quality from jail. And then there’s my book. I’d love to do something with criminal-justice reform to kind of highlight the struggles of other girls.”