Sarah Jessica Parker in the season finale of <i>And Just Like That</i>
Sarah Jessica Parker in the season finale of And Just Like That (Photo: courtesy HBO)

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and all their new friends have been through a lot in the last 10 weeks. God knows they’ve put us, their loyal fans, through a lot. But we’ve stuck with And Just Like That through every baffling choice and WTF moment to arrive here, on the eve of the show’s season finale, wondering what the hell this crazy show has in store for us as it careens to a close.

If there’s anything the Sex and the City follow-up has taught us, it’s to expect the unexpected. Like, an episode ends with Miranda in a cab heading to Cleveland and we expect some big scene with Che. But instead, the following episode opens with a totally normal girls luncheon and everything all inexplicably copacetic between Miranda and her nonbinary crush! Or Carrie Bradshaw barfing on a date! Or Evan Handler’s prosthetic penis! Like…what?

Still, we have some indication of what’s going on in the finale thanks to the Episode 10 preview—and a few rumors floating around online. Potential spoilers and wild speculation ahead!

Rock’s They Mitzvah

Like its predecessor, this show loves a big event, an excuse to get all the characters all glammed up and in the same room with cocktails and high stakes. The first of what appear to be two functions in the finale is Charlotte’s youngest kid Rock’s they mitzvah—i.e. gender neutral bat/bar mitzvah. Charlotte’s even booked a trans rabbi, which has me wondering who might play that role? Maybe Jen Richards or Hari Nef? Meanwhile, it looks like the littlest Goldenblatt is having a crisis of faith, which is sure to send Charlotte into a tailspin—always fun.

Bobby Lee as Jackie in <i>And Just Like That</i>
Bobby Lee as Jackie in And Just Like That (Photo: Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max)

Jackie and Smoke’s Wedding

Big event No. 2 appears to been the wedding of Carrie’s podcast co-host Jackie and his girlfriend, Smoke. We only get a brief glimpse of the nuptials in the preview, but Jackie’s looking pretty fly in a suit with neon paint streaks to complement his bride’s acid green wedding dress.

Sarah Jessica Parker in <i>And Just Like That</i>
Sarah Jessica Parker in And Just Like That (Photo: Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max)

Big Is Maybe Haunting Carrie?

Honestly, if we never heard about Mr. Big ever again, I wouldn’t mind. But I guess we’re doing this: Carrie seems to suspect that her late husbone has possessed her reading lamp, possibly in an effort to get her to finally get rid of his remains, which she’s been keeping in her closet next to her favorite shoes. I mean, no wonder the man is haunting her! He never wanted to be in that apartment when he was alive, let alone now that he’s sloughed off his mortal coil.

Or maybe he’s angry and vengeful that she’s still trying to date that nice teacher. We see Carrie and Peter k-i-s-s-i-n-g outside her apartment, so malevolent spirits aside, that seems to be going well.

Also, here’s the only kinda wild speculation part: the finale reportedly had to be significantly re-edited after multiple women came forward accusing Chris Noth of sexual assault. Noth’s character was originally supposed to appear to Carrie as a vision or something in Paris, which probably accounts for the photos of Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker filming a scene in a horse drawn carriage back in November. Noth’s scenes have reportedly been cut from the episode entirely, but that doesn’t mean Carrie might not still travel to Paris, presumably to dump Big’s ashes.

Cynthia Nixon in <i>And Just Like That</i>
Cynthia Nixon in And Just Like That (Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO)


Miranda’s storyline this season has defied all expectations and sense, so I can’t even begin to imagine what Che is about to spring on her when they invite her to meet their family. We all know it’s going to be annoying and we’ll all just have to get through it together.

What I’m more concerned about is the implication in the preview that Miranda is about to toss aside her newfound passion for human rights to…be a comedian’s girlfriend. So much for being inspired to do more than wear a pink pussy hat! Nice one, show.