Photo Credit: Photo by Amanda Mitchell

Whenever I return to Michigan to my hometown/mother’s house, I always feel a burst of creative self-expression. There are plenty of thoughts to reason — to sleeping in my old twin bed, my bathroom being a museum of 2007 — but I primarily believe it’s due to deep FOMO for the beauty stock I left behind, leaving me limited only to a few styles and looks… and I’m not one to switch up my makeup very often. It’s only once it’s out of sight, that I miss it the most. So when I was asked to review the newest launch from Anastasia Beverly Hills, the Magic Touch concealer, I felt my creative juices start boiling. It’s as simple as that for me — new product, new lewk.

It appears to be the same for Anastasia Beverly Hills — The brand is known for their incredible brow products, long-lasting liquid lipsticks, and intensely pigmented eyeshadows, and now they’re reaching into the skin category with this newest launch. Available in 25 shades, divides into five shade categories: fair, light, medium, tan, and deep; and three undertones warm, neutral, and cool, the brand wants to make it much, much, much easier for you to find your perfect shade. As a lady with an abundance of melanin, I tend not to vary up my skin products very often, mostly to avoid the mental anguish of getting my feelings hurt and not finding my shade. So I’m happy to see that us neutral-undertoned galls are getting our time to shine, too.

So I decided to do The Most for a Monday afternoon, and get into the full beat. The brand describes the concealers as “ultra-smooth, lightweight, longwear formula melts into skin with the consistency of creamy water,” and let me tell you, they’re 100% correct here. These concealers, for lack of a better word, are juicy. That “creamy water” texture can be a bit disarming at first — I wouldn’t describe these concealers as “beginner to makeup” friendly, but that’s not a bad thing — and as you can see below, I had to use a light hand when it came to under-eye application:


I used a bit of shades 17 and 21, some Makeup by Mario contour, and a blending sponge from Real Techniques (thank you to my dearest friend Bella for changing the game with this recommendation), and as usual, blended it all out after waiting a few minutes to let the concealer dry down and do my eyebrows. The brand calls this a “multi-use formula can be used to spot conceal, highlight, color correct and for all-over coverage” that will instantly brighten under eyes, conceal blemishes, and mask discoloration. They also used skin-nourishing ingredients like plant-based glycerin for moisture and licorice root to soothe and calm the skin and soft-focus powders that reflect the light to help blur imperfections.

And y’all.

I’m obsessed:


CONCEALER WHERE? Can’t be seen on my face. Nope. That! Is! My! Skin! I look hydrated, alive, not like an overheated and overexhausted corpse, like normal. I won’t be running out to replace my other concealer when it runs out, for sure. Even with a bit of powder under the eyes, I still don’t look cakey or dried out, even hours later. I finished my face with a spritz of ICONIC London’s Prep Set Glow Hydrating Spray and MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Primer and Setting Spray (yes, I use TWO setting sprays for separate purposes, a high horse I will die on!!!), LYS Beauty blush in Kindness, and ICONIC London Illuminator Drops.

I am obsessed with the level of pigment and coverage from these concealers — they’re designed to be blended out, so don’t be freaked out by the yogurt-y texture of the concealer itself, especially if you’re used to a thicker consistency in your liquid products. It may have a low viscosity (I’m running out of texture synonyms!) but you could, in real truth, use this as a full base if that’s your jam. I loved these concealers so much I had to do an eye look just to justify my skin looking so good. Oh, that reminds me — these concealers are waterproof and truly will not budge once you put them on. The powers these concealers have.

Now, I’m off to sit in a full blue eye shadow look while I watch Bachelor in Paradise with my mother, the way it all should be. ABH, you’ve done it again.