Amoako Boafo. Photography by Nolis Anderson, courtesy Mariane Ibrahim Gallery

The in-demand, culturally relevant, award-winning international art superstar, Amoako Boafo was recently selected to create the inaugural Suborbital Triptych, painted on exterior panels of a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket and tomorrow,  the worlds — or, rather otherworldly we should say — of art and space collide. That’s right Tomorrow—August 26, 2021—at 8:00am CDT (9:00am EST) the programs first art commission for space travel, will launch from West Texas. The Ghana-Born, Vienna-trained, artist’s original work will adorn the composite panels of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. This is an historic moment, as this makes Boafo the first Black artist to have work sent into space.

Amoako Boafo, has been an integral component of the contemporary art market. From breaking auction records, collaborating with Dior & Kim Jones on the Spring/Summer 2021 collection featuring his work, having work in prestigious private collections, to having The Guggenheim Museum acquire one of his works—you can’t mention the contemporary art world/market today without mention Amoako. Via a statement, Boafo shared that, “It is an honor to be invited to a project of this latitude. To create a painting that will launch into space is unimaginable, and frankly surreal. I wish one day to experience what my characters will see.” Boafo will be the first in a series of commissioned artist to collaborate with the space engineering firm. “By traveling through space and returning to Earth, this momentous project marks a new phase of space exploration with artistry as the engine of discovery and the record keeper of what lies beyond the bounds of our planet,” the space engineering company said via a statement.

The Artist—represented by esteemed gallerist, Mariane Ibrahim—took to Instagram today to post a teaser trailer ahead of the launch:

The Utah based aerospace company, Uplift Aerospace, posted the details of the launch (including a preview of a few panels of Boafo’s triptych) as well:

“The profound strength of Amoako’s portraits for the first Suborbital Triptych will bring another dimension to the power that propels the New Shepard rocket,” Josh Hanes, chief executive of Uplift Aerospace, said in a statement. Boafo’s triptych will also help raise awareness and funds for charities that will be announced in a ceremony after the voyage. 

The countdown begins for launch tomorrow, August 26, 2021 at 8:00am CDT (9:00am EST). The 10-15 minute flight will be streamed via, starting about 30 minutes before launch.