Mistress violet
Violet Chachki wearing vintage Alain Mikli eyewear/headpiece. Still from “Mistress Violet”

In the words of the great prophet Bob the Drag Queen “wait but is it fashion?“ And to answer that question—yes it is! I’m talking about Alt pop singer/songwriter Allie X and fashion queen extraordinaire Violet Chachki’s new track and video “Mistress Violet.” Produced by French producer Lecomte De Brégeot, the whip-cracking track was written by Allie X and arrives with an analog video directed by visual artist, Jennifer Juniper Stratford. “Mistress Violet” is a sexy, synth wave song/video that’s giving us Divine, mixed with a little Tron and the Enola Gay video by Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark, meets a John Waters film.“The song and video explore power play and transformation through the intimate relationship between a dom and a sub. Costume is a significant part of visually defining roles in dom/sub relationships and is very important to who I am as a drag artist and it’s also how Allie and I first bonded,” explained model and burlesque/aerial performer Violet Chachki. “In the video I dress as her and then she as me. Allie and I both exist as very strong powerful femme people working in industries where it requires us to flex our muscles sometimes. There is a constant push/pull of power and we explored this idea in a surreal and fantastical way through the video.”

The visual reads like a fashion film with Chachki carefully curating the costume design to channel the severe gritty synth feel. GRAZIA got the chance to ask the Rupaul’s Drag race season 8 winner—and ultimate fashion queen—all about the styling of the visual. “I wanted to have a severe gritty synth feel to the overall video. The styling had to be a bit of everything: Fetish, camp, glamorous, and couture. Allie and I play contrasting characters that do a bit of role reversal so it was important that when we were filmed together there was a clear power dynamic using the wardrobe” says Chachki. Apparently the song—and accompanying video—were heavily inspired by the 1997 documentary “Fetishes”—a documentary about a NYC dungeon called Pandora’s Box. “I wanted the wardrobe to have the same feeling. I styled the video myself using couture pieces from Schiaparelli, Archival Alain Mikli sunglasses, custom leather looks from Zana Bayne, custom Christian Louboutins heels, and custom corsets from the House of Canney. The video has an 80s fetish undertone while still being unexpected, glamorous, and couture”. In the video, both Violet and Allie wear vintage Alain Mikli eyewear—as seen on Andy Warhol, Elton John and Goldie Hawn in the 1987 movie Overboard—that is truly marvelous. Violet in particular, wears a stunning Mikli mask, adorned in Swarovski crystals, once worn by iconic French singer Dalida. “It was very special wearing the Mikil piece. The sunglasses came with their own security. They’re such an iconic and special piece” said Chachki.

Mistress Violet
Violet Chachki and Allie X wearing Schiaparelli. Still from “Mistress Violet”

“Mistress” Violet herself and Allie first met on set for Allie’s 2016 video “All The Rage.” They knew the fates would align one day for a mind-bending, designer heaven collaboration. Allie X—who’s written records for the likes of BTS and Troye Sivan—says of both the song and video: “The writing of this song was seamless, bitchy and fun. Violet sent me stream of consciousness style notes and visual references as well as the beat she had chosen from Le Compte De Brégeot (the producer) and I wrote the whole thing in an hour.”  The goth-pop singer went on to say, “I trust Violet’s taste as much as my own, so it was fun to just let her style me. I felt like a Barbie being dressed up by my evil step queen mom who wanted me to fit into sample size Schiaparelli couture. It was awesome!”

Mistress Violet
Violet Chachki. Still from “Mistress Violet”
Mistress Violet
Violet Chachki and Allie X both wearing vintage Alain Mikli eyewear. Still from “Mistress Violet”

Watch the gritty, 80s synth-wave inspired visual below:


“Mistress Violet” is available to stream now on all platforms.