Can you think of a better way to spend your summer than traveling around the Mediterranean on a yacht with the love of your life? This has been the summer of Bennifer, and they’ve gone international with it! Going from stop to stop around the southern coast of Europe, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are making their rounds as a cultured and well-tanned duo.

Starting off their trip by arriving in St. Tropez in France, J-Lo and Affleck celebrated the singer and performer’s 52nd birthday aboard a yacht named Valerie. This is the trip that marked the first official Instagram post of the two showing some PDA while at sea. The 52-year-old singer looked carefree and in love, wearing an orange and yellow bikini adorned with gold jewelry and a colorful cover up.

The couple left St. Tropez after leaving a port in Monaco, about 88 miles away, in the same yacht which is reportedly worth upwards of $130 million. But don’t worry about the price tag, their just renting the yacht. It can accommodate upwards of 17 guests and contains a steam room, a gym and a self-playing piano, I guess J-Lo wasn’t kidding when she said “I used to have a little, now I have a lot.”

The couple’s second stop was in Capri, Italy where they took the time to sight see. J-Lo wore a white ensemble, looking fresh and summery while Affleck wore his usual casual t-shirt and slacks combination. The island that is Capri is a usual Italian tourist destination, located off the southern tip of the country, so it’s no wonder Bennifer decided to avoid the busy streets of the main land to somewhere a little more secluded.

Where will they go next? If they’re following a Mediterranean voyage, they could arguable be in Greece next, visiting one of the many islands and attractions that the country has to offer.  Wherever they end up, the couple is out and about, having fun and celebrating one another, and do not look bad at all doing it.