Next time you try the perfect pair of jeans, find a talented nail tech, or have an instant color match on your unique skin, thank the women who advocated for you.

Women owned, and more specifically, companies led by Black women have pushed diversity and inclusivity to the forefront. Whether breaking the glass ceiling already or laying the foundational bricks, these women do not stop considering other women.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty – Fenty

Becoming a one-stop shop for our self-care days, Fenty has given us all-inclusive makeup, skincare, fragrances, lingerie, and even onesies that we did not know we needed. As the leader behind Fenty, Rihanna did not stop at exclusively giving women what they want, men have a seat at the Fenty table too. This established brand retails at Fenty physical locations.

Emma Grede – Good American

You didn’t know Good American was Black-owned? Emma Grede is the CEO and co-founder behind Good American (and multiple other brands). Her unique perspective and guidance have improved how retailers stock for sizes beyond a size 8.

As Chairwoman of Fifteen Percent Pledge, Emma Grede will be the reason why we will see more changes in fashion. This established brand retails on Nordstrom.

Susana Walas – Fro Butter

Tight curly hair patterns are not the easiest to work with. Women like Susana Walas help the natural stay natural with her products. While Fro Butter’s hair products work best on BIPOC hair, the line also includes natural shea butters that can keep all skin moisturized.

Walas keeps the line 100% natural, allowing women to have simply organic beauty products in its raw form. This emerging brand retails online on Amazon.

Kelechi Uchendu – Kay Kay’s Fashion

Best known for her work as an author advocating to stop childhood bullying, Kelechi Uchendu is entering the fashion space with accessories. Kay Kay’s Fashion debut accessory is more versatile than a hair tie.

The scrunchies serve as a pop of color when added to your favorite handbag or dress, helping women think differently about the accessories they keep. Ultimately, furthering the conversation of sustainability. This emerging brand can be found on Macy’s.

Jordyn Woods – Woods by Jordyn Woods

Entering the fashion space with her newly launched brand, Jordyn Woods has always been body positive. Woods by Jordyn Woods offers size flexibility without sacrificing style. While the brand advocates for all-inclusive, the fashion choices are only for the bold.

As the celebrity model/ influencer is taking her position of leading a fashion brand, women from all backgrounds can feel confident in having another brand look out for them. This emerging brand can be found exclusively on Woods by Jordyn Woods.

Naomi Alabi – SFWRUNWAY

Fashion Week curators that advocate for street owed brands are far and few in the industry. Naomi Alabi of SFWRUNWAY creates shows that introduce black designers to retail buyers and stylists. Designers that have clothes walk the SFWRUNWAY fashion week stages are seen on television, film, tours, award stages, and many more places.

As a connector in the industry, Alabi advocates not only for women to have opportunities, men entering the fashion space can find an ally in SFWRUNWAY. The runway shows also assist the charity Alabi heads by giving clean bottled water to developing nations. Events from this emerging production company can be found exclusively on SFWRUNWAY.

Phylicia Henry – State Board Prep

From celebrity dermatology to creating the next generation of talented beauty professionals, Phylicia Henry wanted women to have the best service providers. Phylicia has many years of experience working in the beauty industry with some of the most prestigious companies and individuals including: Ashanti, Covergirl, Victoria’s Secret, Project Runway, and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

State Board Prep gives other women of color a chance to learn from an industry professional before earning their license. This emerging company can be found online at State Board Prep.