Does anything say “I love you” like a 19-year-old Harry Winston bracelet?  According to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, sentiment doesn’t have a time limit, and it appears that J-Lo has been spotted wearing the bracelet that Affleck gifted her in the early aughts, when they dated for the first time, Bennifer 1.0 if you will.

The bracelet was seen on J-Lo wrist during the couple’s summer yacht trip around the Mediterranean, as if their trip weren’t lovey-dovey enough already, and fans are jumping on the idea that this heirloom of love is a sign of good things ahead.

Ahead of this bracelet spotting, J-Lo and Affleck have been spending their summer lounging about on a $130 million yacht named the Valerie. They’ve been touring around various Mediterranean ports from Monaco to Capri, Italy on a sun-kissed expedition that we all envy, just a little bit.

The bracelet was spotted by a fan on Twitter, who made the connection that the bracelet J-Lo has been sporting recently is the same one that Affleck got her in 2002. This comes months after Ben Affleck was reportedly seen wearing a watch that J-Lo got him in the same year, after he was photographed leaving Lopez’s home in Miami.

The watch and the bracelet seem to coordinate, on opposite ends of the masculine-feminine style spectrum, they both have details of silver while being small and understated, but significant enough to make a stylistic and romantic impact. These accessories seem to be the Bennifer red string of fate, tying the two together, even when they are physically apart, which, in recent weeks, isn’t often.

But I think the real question on everyone’s mind is what happened to the 6.1 carat pink diamond engagement ring Affleck got Lopez in 2002. There’s conflicting but unconfirmed reports that Lopez gave the ring back to Affleck, so if that’s the case, does he still have it? Additionally, if the couple do end up getting engaged, will we see a different ring?