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With all the daily distractions, and the mountain of responsibilities awaiting us, we often fail to care for our mental health status. Even worse, we don’t feel entitled to prioritise our well-being and eventually allow it to take its toll on us.

Your state of mind impacts every aspect of your life, your emotions, behaviours, thoughts, and productivity. Discovering the right techniques and tools will help you build a solid mental health balance. However, it is a long journey one must take to improve the quality of their life, become more resilient and eventually be happier, something we’re all longing for.

Being aware of the issues you struggle with is not a faux pas, nor does it define you in any way. On the contrary, it is a strength and a significant starting point to help you better connect with your inner-self and meet the better version of you. Today, we are privileged to have better access to seek help and educate ourselves with the necessary knowledge to guide us into adopting healthy practices, by adding small habits to our daily routine, which will positively impact us in the long-run.

In honour of the World Mental Health Day, we wanted to remind you that you are not alone and there are numerous ways to start your mental health journey today, and alternative therapy is one of them. Here are some community driven centres in Dubai that offer different holistic treatments to calm your mind, expand your senses and give you a new perspective on your well-being.

Home of Wellness

Home of Wellness is your home to finding your safe-haven during the daily chaos of life. The handpicked therapists will support you in choosing the right session to help you overcome your fears and regain your vitality. One unique session would be the Lucia Light, which aims to improve your sleeping pattern and rest your nervous system, through a journey of colours and shapes behind closed eyes, harmonised with music in your ears.

Besides the healing sessions, ceremonies, and courses the centre provides, you won’t help but feel at ease the moment you walk in, thanks to the thoroughly designed interior. The founder’s vision Dina Abdulhadi, didn’t stop there. She wanted to expand the centre and make it a place you would think of to have coffee or enjoy healthy snack at peace.

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Miracles Wellness Center

The Miracle Center Wellness Aims to make the world a better place by working with individuals with the help of supported experts to guide them to start their mental health journey one step at a time. The community-feel wellness centre endeavours to create a meaningful experience to help people heal, grow, and develop a healthier relationship with life by providing various sessions tailored to suit your requirements, from sound healing to life coaching, and more.

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The Lighthouse Retreat

If you want to press pause and completely disconnect from the hustle and bustle, The Light House Retreat should be on your radar. The authentic retreat will give you a phenomenal experience to reset mentally, emotionally, and physically through a meticulously curated programme customised to cater your needs. Covering every aspect to ensure you get the most out of your stay, from divine healthy meals to physical and mental activities and sessions.

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