Deepika Padukone and Iker Casillas at the FIFA World Cup 2022 trophy unveil, courtesy of Louis Vuitton

For the fourth consecutive year, Louis Vuitton created the custom-made Louis Vuitton trunk to carry the prestigious FIFA World Cup trophy. Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone unveiled the FIFA trophy in a Louis Vuitton case along with 2010 Spanish title winner of the FIFA World Cup, Iker Casillas. The momentous trophy reveal was held at Lusail Stadium ahead of the much-awaited final clash between Argentina and France in Doha, Qatar. The trophy, valued at $250,000, is the most coveted and expensive in the sporting world. The solid 18-karat gold and malachite trophy is 36.8 centimeters high and weighs 6.175 kilograms.

As Louis Vuitton’s global ambassador for India, Deepika Padukone made history as the first-ever Indian actor to reveal the trophy. The global icon looked stunning in an orange sleeveless parka over a cotton poplin self-tie shirt and black silk midi skirt. She paired it with a chain belt and black leather Donna high boots.

The artisans in the Maison’s atelier in Asnières, France, designed and handmade the titanium-covered Louis Vuitton case, which is embossed with the LV monogram, where the corners are protected with cowhide leather.

This year saw the first that the FIFA World cup was hosted in an Arab country in its 92 years since its debut. From Saudi Arabia’s remarkable win against Argentina to Morocco’s advancements into the semi-finals, the world saw the underdogs give some serious trouble to the seasoned teams. Many believe that the World Cup also allowed the region to reclaim the narrative from the Western media. This gave an opportunity for much-needed exposure towards the Arab world, creating many wholesome moments between people from different cultures.

The stadium was filled with 90,000 spectators along with many renowned figures present including the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, FIFA President Gianni Infantino, French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron, David Beckham, Elon Musk, and Shahrukh Khan among others. After a nail-biting finale, Argentina won the FIFA World cup tournament with a penalty shoot-out against France. Fans across the world cheered in tears as bisht-wearing Messi and his team raised the trophy after 36 years. Between Messi‘s most anticipated win, and Killian Mbappe’s hat-trick at the finals, this year’s final is already alluded as one of the greatest finals to ever go down in history.