With the World Cup months away, there’s plenty of things to motivate you to visit Qatar. And just in case there isn’t, David Beckham’s stamp of approval should motivate you plenty.

Qatar Tourism Authority has released an exclusive campaign with the legendary football player as part of it’s efforts to boost tourism. Beckham seems to be an obvious candidate for such a campaign, given that he’s one of the most famous football players the world has ever seen and that Qatar will be hosting this year’s FIFA World Cup. The campaign shows Beckham exploring the country, from visiting a spice market that he claims is “one of the best spice markets” he’s ever been to, and sailing across the Persian Gulf sea, where he shares, “this will go day as one of my favourite mornings.”

David Beckham in Qatar, image courtesy of Visit Qatar

he also mentions that “the people of Qatar are very proud of their culture,” which he is certainly not wrong about. The campaign, which Qatar Tourism partnered up with Qatar Airways for, focuses mostly on promoting the country as the ideal  stopover destination for travelers. The airline, which was awarded as the best airline of 2022, will surely witness an influx of passengers in the coming months, and their mission is to make sure those who choose Qatar to transit during their trips take the opportunity to leave the airport and explore the beauty that the country has to offer.

“Qatar really is an incredible place to spend a few days on a stopover. I cannot wait to bring my children back,” Beckham comments.

Watch the full video campaign below, and check out the official website here to learn more about how to explore all that Qatar has to offer, just like David Beckham.