Entertainment is back with a bang this year. After many postponed release dates, post-pandemic entertainment has got us in for a real treat with some epic, new and well overdue releases. From docus-eries to biographical pictures we have rounded up the most entertaining, newest films and series to watch this summer 2022.

The Real Housewives Of Dubai on OSN+

The Real Housewives of Dubai Season 1 Trailer | The Daily Dish
Courtesy of Bravo

Making a name for themselves are the already iconic six Real Housewives of Dubai. Taking to our screens just three weeks ago, they have given us a glimpse into their chaotic and luxurious lives in the city of gold. From the drama in their friendship circle to cute family moments, this show will have you hooked from the moment it starts. The show streams every Thursday on OSN+.

Release Date: Out Now

Jennifer Lopez: Halftime on NETFLIX

Jennifer Lopez's 'Halftime' review: Netflix's documentary is too much of a licensed product to feel particularly super - CNN
Courtesy of Netflix

JLo opens up to us about her career since it first started in the ’90s in a beautiful, unnerving and inspiring new documentary. The Netflix show has already become the talk of the town and a must-watch for this summer.

Release Date: Out Now


The finale of Peaky Blinders Season 6 is out now and we can safely say it has been well worth the wait. However, this will not be the end of the story for Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy). Even though it’s sadly the end of Beaky Blinders we can’t wait to see all our favourite characters on our screens one last time.

Release Date: Out Now


The Warner Brothers biographical film of the first-ever rock and roll star Elvis Presley is to be released this June. From his childhood in Mississippi to touring stages in the city of sin Las Vegas, Nevada we see through this motion picture how Elvis changes the world with his music. This movie is set to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the year.

Release Date: Out Now

Top Gun: Maverick

As we can see, 2022 is becoming the year of sequels. Oscar-winning actor Tom Cruise will have you on the edge of your seat as he makes a return for Top Gun Maverick where he stars as top aviator Pete “Maverick” to teach a group of graduates a special assignment which can only be accomplished by him. Along the way, Maverick has to overcome some of his deepest fears.

Release Date: Out Now


Becoming Elizabeth is a historical British saga about the ascension of Queen Elizabeth I of England after the sudden death of her father King Henry VIII. The series shows how she became embroiled in the political issues in Tudor England and how she fights for her right to choose who she marries on her way to a succession of the crown.

Release Date: Out Now

‘Johnny v Amber’ on Discovery+

Exploring the high-profile case of Johnny vs Amber which had the whole world in suspense over the past year. The two parts docuseries delves into the U.K. defamation case where the documentary looks at unseen evidence and personal archives and interviews from both Johnny’s and Amber’s legal teams.

Release Date: Out Now

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