The Real Housewives of Dubai

When the Real Housewives of Dubai premiered in the city of gold, we knew from that first sneak peek of unhinged drama, we were in for an unforgettable reality show like we’d never seen before. They’ll either have you in stitches with laughter, bring tears to your eyes or inspire you to buy a whole new wardrobe with their on-screen glamour. Each week we will bring you a round-up of our favourite and most iconic moments from the latest Real Housewives of Dubai episodes.


Let’s just say the series certainly started by serving us everything we were hoping for: fashion, drama and new heights of sass. From hearing the taglines for the very first time as well as getting to know a little bit more about each of the housewives’ families, we witness a whole lot of drama. A rooftop dinner hosted at Ce La Vi left the group very divided. After all the ladies’ arguments, we have yet to see throughout the series whether the group will make amends or the rift will push them further apart.

Episode 2

The episode starts with a beautiful mother-and-son moment between Sara and her son Maktoum as she tries to teach him Emirati traditions. She encourages Maktoum to learn the heritage of eating dinner while sitting on the floor however, Maktoum isn’t so impressed. He replies “mummy I don’t want to do this for real.” It was definitely a heartwarming moment of the episode and we can’t wait to see Sara warming her children up to embracing their heritage throughout the season.

Chanel Ayan never forgets to dress like the supermodel that she is. This is one Real Housewife who knows how to dress and isn’t afraid of flaunting it. At a casual luncheon with Nina, Chanel walks in looking like she just stepped off the Givenchy runway. Just as Chanel says “I am the queen of fashion.”

As Lesa hosts a home-cooked thanksgiving dinner, Chanel arrives not only in style as per usual, but also with a rather unusual surprise gift of a baby goat. She explains “The reason I brought you a goat is because in Kenya if somebody shows you love and you invite my family to your house, you give them something that’s so special to you,’ Chanel said. ‘In our country goats are so important.” Lesa absolutely loved the gesture and said ”We are going to keep the goat.”

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