As the holiday season and new year festivities have come to a halt, perhaps you’re experiencing post-holiday blues just like us, which makes it the perfect time to divulge into some new shows. If you’re looking for something different you could dive into the wondrous drama-filled world of Turkish series. Keep scrolling for some of the best new Turkish shows we can’t wait to watch.

Kus Ucusu (As the Crow Flies)

Kus Usucu is a Turkish series on Netflix and follows the lives of women in the media industry, showcasing the tumultuous relationship between an anchorwoman and her assistant, who tries to betray her boss in order to get ahead in her career. The show’s first season was very popular and the second season will be just as impressive.

Teskilat (The Shadow Team)

If you’re looking for some action, look no further as Teskilat is the perfect show to binge-watch. The story-line follows the Turkish national intelligence service as they accomplish several tasks that will keep the audience on edge throughout the season.

Adı Sevgi (Its Name’s Love)

Adi Sevgi, highlights important issues that still remain prevalent in this day and age like domestic violence and child brides. The show features actors like: Hande Kaptan, Nihan Büyükağaç, Fatih AL, Yunus Emre Yildirimer and more.


Courtesy of Netflix

This one’s for the mystery and crime genre lovers, Fatma follows the life of a very simple cleaning lady, who is also a murderer but is never suspected due to her clam demeanour and job title. Watch the story unfold and get even more interesting every episode.

Duy Beni (Hear to Me)

Who doesn’t like a little high school drama from time to time? We know we do. Duy Beni encompasses a lot of drama and highlights the class differences that exist in Turkey and all the stereotypes that accompany, a great watch to escape adult responsibilities.

rise of empires ottoman

If you’re a fan of period pieces, Rise of Empires Ottoman is a must-see. The historical docu-drama includes a captivating story with a lot of action as the Ottoman sultan Mehmed II plans to occupy the Byzantine capital of Constantinople. The show will transport you to a different era to suffice your will for time travel.