Do you ever get the feeling, you know, when you’ve settled in for a “relaxing” evening scroll through social media after a long day of doing nothing? Sweats are on, Friends is playing, but as you scroll past yet another poreless face and hourglass figure you wonder: is there more to life than this?

The answer is yes and it’s colliding into your life in the form of a TikTok trend preaching self-love and acceptance. TikTokers took one look at all the photoshopped-to-the-hilt social media posts we’re constantly bombarded with and declared we deserved better in 2020. After all, the environment is suffering, Cats still exists, and we could all do with some self-lovin’.

In a new trend, TikTok users have taken to sharing artworks and historical photos that highlight the features they are insecure about, from aquiline noses to rosy cheeks, to show that those same features have long been celebrated for their beauty.

But it’s not all about beauty either, as many users champion features that bear strong connections to their history and the legacy of their ancestors.

One user, who goes by Lila on the video-sharing platform, shared her newfound appreciation for her hooked nose, writing, “aquiline/hooked noses are beautiful & a part of so many nations & cultures around the world and it would be an injustice if I hated mine like I used to.” In the accompanying video, she shows off her gorgeous nose before sharing various photos of women and artworks throughout history with aquiline noses.

TikTok user @molosal revealed that it took her 19 years to begin to love her curly brunette locks, with a caption reading, “I wish it would’ve been sooner”, alongside a video filled with photos of other women in art with curly hair.

Needless to say, this is one TikTok trend that we wouldn’t mind sticking around for a while (and possibly replacing the Renegade dance once and for all).

Photos: TikTok