While Dubai is famous for its sprawling malls that seem to want to out-do each other when it comes to square footage and retail offerings, if you’ve been suffering from mainstream mega mall fatigue of late – figuratively and literally – and are looking for a shopping experience that is almost as effortless as adding items to a virtual cart from the comfort of your couch and involves little to no legwork, The Edit is a great place to start.

The Jumeirah-based concept store which features a carefully curated collection of cult fashion brands, artisanal homeware pieces and beauty products, is the brainchild of London lawyer-turned-entrepreneur, Rumana Nazim. Having lived in London for six years, Nazim wanted to bring her vision of high-end shopping in a more intimate setting to the region, and set up The Edit in Dubai last year.

But the 5,000-square-foot space is so much more than a fashion store – it also facilitates community events such as book readings, free yoga sessions and contemporary art exhibitions, and is currently hosting a new “duo solo show” featuring artists Nicholas Johnson and Tom Poeet A first in the Middle East for both, the show aims to explore interpretations of landscape through their distinctive painting styles, and is the second exhibition to be presented at The Edit’s gallery space.

While The Edit undoubtedly caters to aspirational budgets, it also has affordability in mind and there’s a focus on unique brands that have sustainability at the core of their business model, something Rumana feels passionately about. ˝Sustainability is a key theme of The Edit and is something that is very close to my heart. With this in mind I am extremely proud to offer collections that promote this. As well as being of the highest quality, Oramai garments are produced and sourced sustainably. The collection is made with GOTS certified linen, a standard that is recognised globally. Linen is a great all-year round piece and is ideal for this region – it’s soft and cool in the summer and with its insulating properties keeps you warm in the winter,” she says.

˝I’m also delighted to announce we now stock luxury fashion brand Avastavé, an ethically-conscious business that utilises the talents of Dubai-based artisans. In addition, we also supply BEDOUIN, inspired by the nomadic lifestyle of Bedouin tribes it takes pride in providing positive responsible fashion with the maxim, Style Without Borders.ˮ

And if all that wasn’t enough, the store serves coffee so you can caffeinate while your browse at your leisure. Need we say more?

Photos: Supplied