The White Lotus. Credit: HBO

We should warn you now that there are possible spoilers ahead so turn back now or ruin it for later. Overnight the season two finale of The White Lotus was released answering the all-important question: who died? It was an explosive ending – one that my housemate was entranced by having never seen a single episode – with social media nearly imploding overnight.

While Meghan Fahy stole the show for her nuanced performance as Daphne (the very scene is below) and Jennifer Coolidge led the surprise ending with her character Tanya, there is plenty of other content to unpack. Firstly, how did no one notice a volcano erupting? Was no one the least bit concerned? Did Daphne cheat with Ethan? It was certainly implied. And how does one possibly have enough money to simply donate €50,000 euro to an escort? And not worry when they’re completely played by said escort?

It’s fabulous, fashion-fuelled and completely chaotic. Discourse on the third season is already underway with series creator Mike White telling Deadline earlier this year that The White Lotus resort could have an outpost in Asia. “You know, we did Europe, and maybe Asia, something crazy like that, that would be fun,” he told the outlet.

white lotus
The White Lotus. Credit: HBO

It is not known when the third season will come out with White telling Katie Couric that he just finished editing the finale 10 days ago. “I need to reboot a little bit,” he said. “I don’t have a lot of gas in the tank. So I need to figure out how to unplug and refresh or something.”

In the meantime (and to prevent eventual White Lotus withdrawals) we’ve rounded up all the best reactions from the season two finale. Stay tuned for further developments on season three as they arise.