Long regarded as one of the top restaurants in Dubai, LPM is an exploration of the finest French cuisine on offer, and now, it’s an exemplary lesson in how fuss-free fine-dining can be perfectly enjoyed in the ‘new normal’ of social-distancing.

Valet parking is still available, and body temperatures are taken by an automated thermal scanner as you walk through the doors into Gate Village 8 in DIFC. Upon entering LPM, expect another temperature check (this time with a regular hand-held device), hand sanitiser from a very fancy dispenser and a warm welcome from the super-friendly staff before you are shown to your table.

The stylish restaurant retains it’s chic and buzzy feel by keeping all tables in place but refraining from using every other one to abide by the government regulations, and to be honest, it makes for a nicer dining experience to enjoy breathing space in this popular spot. LPM branded hand sanitiser is on the table for use after handling the menus and the staff keep their distance whilst taking orders.

Soon, it’s on to the main event: the food. And it is simply exquisite, and why LPM is a name synonymous with excellence. We start with the creamy burrata, a fresh ratatouille of seasonal vegetable and feta, warm prawns in a moreish lemon olive oil – which calls for a second round of bread and a beautifully tangy red cabbage salad. Mains are a whole, perfectly tender sea bream and roast baby chicken with sides of steamed broccoli and green beans.

So far, so excellent and we’re fooled into thinking things couldn’t get better – that’s until dessert arrives. The Gatauex au Fromage Frais, is without doubt the finest cheesecake we’ve ever tasted, and it’s worth a trip to LPM for that alone. That’s not to say that the Apple Tart with vanilla ice cream isn’t also special in itself, but the cheesecake is so fresh and creamy we could have had another slice.

The good news is you can now order a whole cheesecake (and the rest of the menu) straight to your door, so even if you don’t quite feel ready to face the general public yet, you can get your own white tablecloth out and get a fine dining experience in the comfort and safety of your own home. Bon appetite!

FCALL NOW or BOOK HERE Find LPM at Gate Village No, 8, Dubai International Financial Center – Dubai.


Burrata with Tomatoes and Basil

Roast Baby Chicken Marinated in Lemon