The long-awaited Real Housewives of Dubai has finally been filmed and is set to air on the 1st of June on Bravo. The Real Housewives franchise showcases the luxurious lifestyles of the wealthiest housewives from all over the world, so surely Dubai had to make the list. We cannot wait to see all the lavish girl trips, juicy drama, as well as the real lives behind these successful women. So, while you wait for the show to air, here is everything you need to know about The Real Housewives of Dubai cast so you can familiarise yourself before you start binge-watching.

Caroline Stanbury

the real housewives of dubai-caroline-stanbury
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This first Real Housewife is no stranger to the spotlight and cameras, she is a UK TV personality. Stanbury had previously starred in Ladies of London, which was a popular reality TV show from 2014 to 2017 and the storyline was quite similar to that of The Real Housewives franchise. She also has a podcast called Divorced Not Dead which she hosts.

When it comes to her family life, Stanbury was born into a wealthy upper-class family, so she has been accustomed to the finer things in life since birth. She shares three kids with her ex-husband Cem Habib, to whom she was married to from 2004 to 2019.

As for her romantic life, this Real Housewife has been married to former Real Madrid soccer player Sergio Carrallo since 2021, which is also the reason why she relocated from the UK to Dubai.

Caroline Brooks

the real housewives of dubai-caroline-brooks
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Caroline Brooks is the daughter of two immigrant parents and is a proud Afro-Latina. She was born in the United States in the state of Massachusetts but has been living in Dubai for over 11 years.

She initially relocated to Dubai because of her ex-husband, who she shares a son with, but Dubai definitely won her heart, so she decided to stay after the divorce.

Brooks is a hardworking single mother who needs no man to live the lavish lifestyle she does today. She was left with nothing after the divorce, but through her perseverance, she accumulated her wealth by building her way up on her own. She is now the executive director of a successful Dubai brokerage firm, as well as a spa owner.

Chanel Ayan

the real housewives of dubai-chanel-ayan
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Another Real Housewives member that is also no stranger to the cameras is Chanel Ayan, she is known as Dubai’s first black supermodel. This Real Housewife has an impeccable sense of style, which you can tell from her high-fashion outfits that always look like she came straight off the runway.

Ayan however was not brought up with a silver platter, she grew up in a small village in Kenya and was raised by a single mother. She also has 10 siblings, five are her blood relatives and the other five are adopted.

Ayan is a strong and fearless woman, just like her mother, who taught her to be independent and have goals. She is self-made and started modelling at the age of 18 years old. This Real Housewife has lived all over the world, modelling for the biggest fashion houses and editorials, but has been calling Dubai home for over 18 years. She also has her own makeup and skincare line with celebrity makeup artist Toni Malt and even has her own talent agency in Dubai for models and hostesses.

Nina Ali

the real housewives of dubai-nina-ali
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Nina Ali was born in Lebanon but moved to Austin, Texas at the young age of four, where she was raised for most of her life. While living in the United States, she met her husband Munaf Ali, one of the wealthiest men in the world, and moved to Dubai after getting married. She has three children with her husband and is the mother to two girls and a boy.

Ali is a strong woman and could not be outshined by her wealthy husband. She is a businesswoman herself and is the co-founder of the cake company Fruit Cake based in Dubai. She is also known as the ‘Lipstick Mommy’ due to her passion for beauty, lifestyle, and motherhood, which she shares on her Instagram to her thousands of followers.

Lesa Milan-Hall

the real housewives of dubai-lesa-milan-hall
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This Real Housewives member is a true Miami girl, where she grew up, and attended the Florida Atlantic University where she majored in journalism and minored in fashion. Not only is she a pretty face, but she is also a very smart and well-educated woman.

Milan-Hall moved to Dubai after getting marrying and has been residing here for over eight years. She is married to Richard Hall and they have three sons together.

What you might not have been aware of is that this Real Housewife is a former beauty pageant queen. She has been crowned with various titles including Miss Jamaican International, Miss Hollywood Teen USA, and Miss Jamaican Caribbean World in 2010.

And if all her achievements thus far weren’t enough, she also has her own lifestyle website where she writes about motherhood, food, beauty, fitness, relationships, and business. She even has her own luxury maternity clothing line, Mina Roe, and her style is so elevated that she has dressed some of the biggest celebrities including Katy Perry, Gigi Hadid, Khloe Kardashian, and even Beyonce herself, just to name a few.

Sara Al Madani

the real housewives of dubai-sara almadani
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The local Emirati and successful businesswoman Sara Al Madani has resided in the Emirates her entire life. She is a proud single mother to a young son and is also a doctor with multiple businesses.

This Real Housewives member has been a serial entrepreneur from a very young age, starting her first business at only 15 years old. Al Madani has an extensive resume: she is a fashion designer, CEO of various companies, a board member on multiple boards and even earned the title of the youngest board member of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.