Plant-based menus served at the Golden Globes earlier this month, the blooming renaissance of clothing rental, and now a sustainable dress code at this year’s BAFTAs on 2 February.

The fashion industry has already started embrace changes towards sustainability, with more and more designers and luxury brands opting to ban animal fur and leather to reducing water use in the making of textiles.The British award ceremony invited guests to ‘dress sustainably’ to the event.

As the night marks the 10th anniversary of the Duke of Cambridge becoming President of BAFTA, speculations are already in the heat, as to what Kate Middleton will wear. Known to repeat outfits, the Duchess wore a white Alexander McQueen gown at the 2019 ceremony. Celebrities are also quick to catch up – Cate Blanchett repeated a black Armani gown at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival for the Green Carpet Challenge movement, initiated by Livia Firth.

It’s finally time to show that re-wearing isn’t lame, or boring, quite on the contrary, it is something to be followed.

Photos: Instagram