simi haze filter 2021
Instagram @haileybieber

Bright and colourful eyeliner is becoming one of the most prominent trends in 2021. Many a-listers are embracing more maximalist looks, and Hailey Bieber is the next celebrity embarking on this ever-growing trend.

The 24-year-old model took to her Instagram earlier this week to share a new Simi Haze filter created by Palestinian sisters Simi and Haze. In her story, Bieber shared a filtered video showing off her gorgeous, naturally freckled skin with bold electric blue eyeliner across her eyelid. Hailey opted for a simple black cropped cardigan in the video paired with a ying-yang inspired cosy sweater.

Instagram @haileybieber

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen celebrities sharing their love for the Palestinian brand. We spotted Kylie Jenner sharing her favourite unreleased Simihaze liners on her Instagram stories a few months back, along with an array of influencers hyping up the brand.

At this point, the Palestinian duo has become well known for their extra makeup and bold choice of bright neons for various looks giving us a tremendous dose of inspiration for our evening look.

Focusing on form and function, Simihaze’s products are created to enhance, not cover and provide texture as unique as its customers. The sister-duo believe in creating makeup that’s fun and a form of expression, not restriction. Ensuring all of their products consist of high-quality ingredients and are housed in cultural packaging.

From cat-eye flicks to cut creases and vibrant tones, these colour attracting eye sticks are this season’s most significant hit. You can select from a variety of neon greens, pinks, purple and various shades of blue, along with a selection of metallic effects. Even starting with a more subtle pastel tone is a perfect approach to this ongoing trend. For bold eyeliner inspiration, keep scrolling and get inspired by these brighter-than-life liners ahead.