Luxury bags are most people’s gateway into the luxury lifestyle. From the Prada nylon bag to a Gucci wallet or even an Hermès Birkin. These investments are so popular due to their longevity and unmatched quality. All the bags can be repaired for decades and some of them even age like fine wine; increasing in value as the years pass. While, some brands still remain inaccessible to the masses, the resale market has allowed a new demographic to enter the luxury realm. The demand for second-hand luxury goods has recently escalated as they are the economical and sustainable alternative to acquiring these exclusive products. We have rounded up some of the best second-hand luxury bags so you don’t have to pay twice the amount or wait six years for your Birkin.




DIOR Medium Lady Dior Black Lambskin, Dhs22,500 SHOP NEW  Dhs13,570 SHOP PRELOVED 

The iconic ‘Lady Dior’ was named in honor of Princess Diana as she became very fond of it after receiving it as a gift from the former French First Lady, Bernadette Chirac. To acquire a piece of fashion history sustainably, purchase yours from Vestiaire Collective for half the price, only Dhs13,570 compared to a brand new Lady Dior, which retails for Dhs22,500.


GUCCI Marmont medium matelassé shoulder bag, Dhs11,750 SHOP NOW Dhs7,710 SHOP PRELOVED

The Marmont collection was the first collection created by Alessandro Michele in 2016 as a way to pay homage to Gucci in a contemporary manner. The GG logo is a re-imagination of the brands belt collection that was released in the 1970s. The modern approach was utilised to create a range of new bags. A second-hand Matelassé bag retails for Dhs7,713 and a brand new bag retails for almost twice the price at Dhs11,750.


CHANEL Boy Chanel Handbag, Dhs21,670 SHOP NEW Dhs11,720 SHOP PRELOVED

You can never go wrong with the classic Chanel ‘Boy’ bag. The bag was designed by Karl Lagerfeld inspired by Coco Chanel herself and the bag she carried. Lagerfeld had also mentioned that the silhouette is inspired by Chanel’s use of men’s items to create feminine garments. The bag is also named after her first love Arthur Edward ‘Boy’ Chapel. This bag has been trendy for years and will forever remain a classic in every women’s closet. Get your own for half the price of retail, for only Dhs11,716 at a second-hand retailer. A brand new bag retails for Dhs21,670.

louis vuitton


The Neverfull bag is said to be created to be a rival of the Goyard St. Louis tote bag in 2007. The name encapsulates the concept behind the bag, it is supposed to be a highly functional item that can sustain more than two hundred pounds of weight. It is one of the most versatile bags; it can be utilised to carry you beach towel, your gym necessities and everything in between. The bag retails for Dhs4,568 at a second-hand outlet and Dhs7,650 for a brand new one.


HERMÈS Birkin Handbag Noir Ardennes with Gold Hardware 35, Dhs42,940 SHOP PRELOVED

If you’re still scrolling, then chances are you’re looking for your opportunity to purchase the most coveted handbag on the planet: the Hermès Birkin. Named after the iconic French actress Jane Birkin, the bag is the product of a coincidental conversation between her and Jean-Louis Dumas, executive chairman of Hermès at the time. Fast-forward a few years, the Birkin is the most exclusive bag on the planet to this date. Not only do the bags range from $10,000 to as high as $150,000.  You can’t just go into a store to purchase the bag, there is a six year-long wait-list, and an even more tumultuous process to be in the wait-list. Unfortunately, the long procedure does not even guarantee you will get your hands on one. The best cost effective alternative and to avoid the hectic process all together, would be to get your bag from a second-hand retailer for Dhs42,940.