Eco-friendly fashion hasn’t often held particularly glamorous connotations, and the runway hasn’t exactly been a beacon of sustainability, which is why Lebanese designer, Roni Helou’s latest collection is flipping the script around what it means to create clothing with a conscience.

At his third showing at Fashion Forward Dubai, the Creative Space Beirut graduate hopes to address the issue of sustainability with each piece in his collection.

Crafting his collection from dead stock materials and discarded fabric, Helou says, “Given that the fashion industry has a detrimental impact on the environment as a whole, I decided to face the issue head on by digging through markets and sourcing high-quality vintage fabrics and trimmings instead of using newer, chemically-treated and dyed materials.”

And it’s not just the clothes themselves that are a reminder of the importance of preserving our environment, “The campaign images were shot at a landfill site to emphasize the significance of the issue. Lebanon’s garbage crisis peaked in 2015, and it’s still very much an issue,” Helou said.

“Ensuring the Roni Helou brand is as sustainable as possible is an ongoing mission for me. I’ve always believed in the importance of ethical practices and social justice, and I try to be careful when it comes to leaving environmental footprints behind.”

An avid activist for human and animal rights, the award-winning designer stresses the importance of “designing with a vision of a healthier society, a happier earth, and a sustainable future,” with his ultimate goal for his eponymous label to be one of the leading sustainable luxury brands in the region. With his laundry list of awards and achievements, it seems that accolade is not too far off.

Photo: Supplied