In celebration of the Rami Kadi Maison de Couture’s 10-year anniversary, the Lebanese designer was invited by the Walk of Cairo to host a one of a kind fashion show, showcasing the designers latest collection, RETROSPECTIVE 10, on June 9th in Egypt.

Pulling major inspiration from Carnaby street in London, the Walk of Cario has become Egypt’s most exclusive spot for high fashion, culture and leisure. Allowing its visitors to experience the ultimate shopping and dining experience in the heart of Zayed.

The RETROSPECTIVE 10 collection consists of 10 ever-so-dreamy gowns, marking the milestone of 10 years in couture. Each design consists of bold yet chromatic patterns in an array of metallic tones. Alongside the SS21 collection, Rami will be showcasing a selection of garments from his FW21 collection, which Yasmine Elissa will be styling.

“This decade has been a decade of experimentation, learning, and growth. We have explored themes ranging from the individual to the collective, inspiring ourselves from festivals, books, films, events, inanimate objects, and many others. During those ten years, we have been fortunate to receive the support of many celebrities and influencers, with whom we retain sincere relations and to whom we are utterly grateful. Similarly, the press has been a supportive force, featuring us in print and on-screen, and to those people in the press industry, we owe a great deal. As such, it is only natural that we should dedicate this collection to this ten-year mark, recalling key highlights and thanking all of the people who have worked with us.” shares Rami.

For further details on the event, you can visit @flarepr on Instagram or contact