VENICE, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 05: Olivia Wilde attends the “Don’t Worry Darling” red carpet at the 79th Venice International Film Festival on September 05, 2022 in Venice, Italy. (Photo by Dominique Charriau/WireImage)

With all the headlines last week about Olivia Wilde’s salad dressing-making ability off the back of her and Jason Sudeikis’ former children’s nanny sharing gross private details about their divorce (which they slammed as untrue in a joint statement), thankfully many of the other details shared with The Daily Mail were quickly forgotten or missed completely.

One such allegation many missed was that Wilde allegedly rehomed her rescue dog so that she could spend more time with her new boyfriend, Harry Styles.

Though Wilde decided to get in on the joke about the salad dressing, sharing the recipe to her Instagram stories last week, she hasn’t addressed any other points the nanny alleged specifically. But thankfully, the Los Angeles-based rescue organisation MaeDay Rescue decided to enter the chat to clear this one up on Wilde’s behalf.

The charity issued a statement to “set the record straight” about what happened to Wilde’s Golden Retriever Gordon, who she had adopted from the group, confirming the actress did indeed send the dog to live with her dog walker — as the nanny alleged — but that the decision had nothing to do with a British pop star.

“Gordy was adopted to @oliviawilde at 2 months old and after giving him much love and training and travel adventures, she realised that Gordy didn’t love the travel life and wasn’t happy around toddlers,” MaeDay Rescue explained. “Gordy had formed a very strong bond with his dog walker and in Gordy’s best interest and after much thought and consideration, he was rehomed to his Brooklyn dog walker.”

The group added, “Before this decision was made, Olivia called MaeDay to discuss, and we were involved in the decision.”

MaeDay Rescue added, “We pride ourselves on finding that perfect forever home for our Maeday animals and every once in a while the animal is just happier in a different environment and that’s okay. Olivia is a huge animal rescue advocate and rehomed Gordy out of compassion and love for him. The best part is Gordy has his own IG @gord_sounds and as you can see, he is living his best life! Thanks for adopting @oliviawilde and for being a responsible pet owner.”