MILAN, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 26: Olivia Palermo is seen arriving at the Philosophy fashion show during the Milan Women’s Fashion Week on September 26, 2020 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Stefania D’Alessandro/WireImage)

Former star of The City (and perhaps the original style influencer) Olivia Palermo is set to launch her own cosmetics line, aptly dubbed Olivia Palermo Beauty. After releasing her own fashion range last year, the 35-year-old is now trying her hand at beauty, partnering up with Paris-based Marie Claire Beauty Group for the venture.

According to Palermo, the collection has been more than 2 years in the making. “I wanted to create a beauty line that follows my own ethos on fashion — something that fits my mood, but also provides a timeless look that everyone can rely on in a pinch,” Palermo said in a statement to WWD.

“It’s a collection that mirrors my beauty routine, focused on elevating the essentials,” she continued. “My approach is trying to find innovative solutions that work not just for me, but for the many, diverse women (and men) that make up our global community. We all have different skin types at all ages. Let’s create heirloom products for everyone.”

The range will be available exclusively on the former reality star’s own website from Thursday May 6. The launch will include a mattifying skin mist, a glow-boosting serum, several luxe lipsticks and two eyeshadow palettes. The gold packaging was inspired by Palermo’s most “treasured piece” of jewellery, a vintage bracelet.

Palermo’s range will be cruelty-free and all products will “adhere to the strictest beauty regulations” without compromising on results. “While I love the formulas, the colours, and the products, with their efficacy as my number one concern… Olivia Palermo Beauty is not using the more than 1,300 banned ingredients in compliance with European Union regulations, is cruelty-free, vegan, and as sustainable as possible,” she wrote on her website about the launch.

Colour us intrigued (with an Olivia Palermo Beauty palette, obviously).