Olivia Palermo mask
Credit: Instagram / @oliviapalermo

Just like Naomi Campbell gifted us with an in-flight how-to on sanitising a plane seat, Olivia Palermo is here to dial-up your face mask style. Often photographed walking her Maltese puppy Mr Butler around the streets of Dumbo in New York City, Palermo has earned top spot for her impeccable ways to style up a rather ugly essential; the mask.

As part of an Instagram challenge called #WearADamnMask, Palermo posted a picture and a video tutorial on how she styles up her mask with designer cloth. “Wear a mask, wear a damn scarf, or like me a combination of both!” the 34-year-old NYC style icon and businesswoman posted. “However you choose to style your mask, wear one that covers your mouth and nose to help protect yourself and others.”

The method to her style magic lay in meticulously tying a scarf over a medical-grade face mask. The scarf itself should be square so you are able to fold it diagonally while remaining symmetrical. Palermo likes to add sunglasses as well because “not only are they chic but the pads help keep the scarf from falling.” Take a look at the below video.

Olivia Palermo scarf
Credit: Instagram / @oliviapalermo

If Morgan Freeman’s heavenly voice in the new #MaskUpAmerica ad campaign wasn’t enough to see you wear the item, maybe Palermo’s style tips will change that. “I may never have met you, we don’t go way back. Maybe we wouldn’t even be friends if we did,” says Freeman in the moving ad. “But when you wear a mask, you have my respect. Because your mask doesn’t protect you, it protects me. I wear my mask to protect you. Be NY Tough, Mask Up, America.”

And while you’re at it, try Palermo’s cocktail recipe, a WFH-friendly twist of the classic Prosecco.

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Mask up, World.

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