Get completely summer-ready in just one month with Grazia’s guide to all things summer beauty.

Glow-Boosting Bronzer

Dior, Bronze Beautifying Protective Oil In Mist Sublime Glow, Dhs197, SHOP NOW

Complete your summer glow with Dior’s Bronze Beautifying Protective Oil in Mist Sublime Glow SPF 15. Allowing you to not only feel protected but look highly refreshed.

Refreshed Under-Eye

Clinique, Pep-Start Eye Cream, Dhs162, SHOP NOW

Clinique’s Pep-Start Eye Cream is undoubtedly one of the most lightweight, refreshing and brightening formulas used under the eyes.

Cleansing Body Scrub

Ouai Haircare, Scalp & Body Scrub, Dhs147, SHOP NOW

Looking for your next detox? The Ouai Haircare ‘Scalp & Body Scrub’ will buff away any impurities, all while balancing your skin and reviving it for a softer finish.

Protective SPF Sunscreen

IXORA, Ultimate Protection Sunscreen SPF40, Dhs230, SHOP NOW

Filled with Mauritia Flexuosa Fruit Oil, natural SPF and rich antioxidants, the Ixora’s Ultimate Protection Sunscreen SPF40 will secure your skin from any harmful UV rays, leaving you feeling smooth and refreshed.

Magical Moisturizing Cream

CHARLOTTE TILBURY, Charlotte’s Magic Cream Moisturizer, Dhs367, SHOP NOW

If you’re looking to nourish, moisturize and apply new ingredients to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or improve elasticity, you’ve come to the right place. The Charlotte Tilbury ‘Magic Cream’ will protect you from any damaging UV rays, all while providing the uttermost essential ingredients like Vitamin E, Rose Hip and Camellia Oils.

Vitamin E Gel




Hampton Sun, SPF15 Gel, Dhs130, SHOP NOW

Protect your skin with the Hampton Sun’s vitamin-rich SPF 15 gel. This formula will not only shield your skin from the UVA rays but will eliminate any burning or ageing effect when tanning. The ingredients include moisturizing organic Walnut oil and calming Aloe, leaving your skin with a bright yet soft feel – all while achieving a healthy glow.

Body Balm

AESOP, Net Sustain Rind Concentrate Body Balm, Dhs130, SHOP NOW

Looking to refresh and revive your skin? The Aloe Vera-enriched body balm not only absorbs quickly but, with its lightweight texture, applies a delicious citrus scent to refresh your day.

Salty Leg Scrub

Legology, Exfo-Lite Stimulating Salts for Legs, Dhs275, SHOP NOW

It doesn’t get better than this skin-smoothing, body-contouring body scrub. This exfoliator is infused with sea salt, detoxifying Himalayan pink crystals and a touch of Amalfi lemon peel to add a subtle scent to your skin.

Hydrating Moisturizing Toner

TATA HARPER, Hydrating Floral Essence Moisturising Toner, Dhs345, SHOP NOW

If you’re looking to achieve a natural glowing complexion, the Tata Harper’s Hydrating Floral Essence Toner is key. With its hyaluronic acid, Gotu Kola extracts and Vitamin C ingredients, this moisturiser will bring your skin back to life from day to night.

Shimmering Body Oil

Tom Ford Beauty, Gold Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil, Dhs445, SHOP NOW

Tom Fords, The Soleil Blanc shimmering body oil is the perfect way to get a sun-kissed summer look. All while covering your skin in a silky yet rich formula.