Despite announcing her engagement to Dominic Nowell-Barnes earlier this year, Mona Kattan has reportedly ended the relationship, and has removed all evidence of the timber trader from her Instagram feed.

The Huda Beauty Global President who met her ex on Tinder, had previously revealed that it was only after watching the first season of Huda Boss, that she realised she didn’t want to be single anymore.

And after virtually matching online, the pair’s relationship quickly went from strength-to-strength.

Dominic who is originally from Leeds in the UK and had only been in Dubai for two years when the couple met, converted to Islam early in the relationship. He is also the first boyfriend Mona ever introduced to her parents.

But it seems the curse of reality TV has struck again, as the pair who both star in Huda Boss Season 2, only announced their plan to marry in April.

Dom popped the question during a trip to Oman, and the couple were planning to tie the knot later this month.

While no details have been released and Mona is yet to make an official statement, speaking at a special screening of the Facebook show in Dubai earlier this month, Mona admitted that despite not wanting to appear vulnerable, she knows she has a duty as a reality TV star to be transparent with fans.

“I think that once you decide to have your social media open and public you have to commit to sharing your life with everybody because that want to know the ins and outs and I feel they get attached to situations so we need to share it,” she said.

So we’re sure in time, the 34-year-old beauty mogul will let her legion of fans know the truth.

Photos: Instagram