Marilyn Monroe
Balenciaga. Courtesy of CR Fashion Book

If Marilyn Monroe had been born just a few decades later, what would the actress look like today? While it’s not a common question when charting the significance of the Hollywood star, it’s certainly interesting. While Ana de Armas prepares to look back on the actress’ life through a new film, this month CR Fashion Book China has attempted to reimagine Monroe if she had seen success today.

Across eight different covers following what would have been her birthday, CR worked with cutting edge CGI technology for a virtual shoot. Lead by Fashion Director Gaultier Desandre Navarre, the lauded creative collaborated with the likes of web3 startup Amethyst, NowOpenTV Creative, and Authentic Brands Group (ABG), the brand development, marketing and entertainment company that owns Monroe’s estate, Roitfeld.

Marilyn Monroe
Miu Miu. Courtesy of CR Fashion Book

The wardrobe included pieces from iconic fashion houses such as Thom Browne, Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Fendi, Balmain, and David Koma, as well as digital fashion houses Auroboros and Tribute Brand. Thankfully, Monroe was not dressed in the micro skirt set from Miu Miu. Can you imagine?

“Few cultural figures have been more revered for their beauty and panache than Marilyn Monroe,” says Carine Roitfeld, CR Fashion Book Founder & Creative Director. “She’s a dream cover star for any fashion editor and someone I’ve always admired for being a trailblazer in creating a captivating personal brand that extended beyond her work. This is a key facet of most celebrities today, but Marilyn was one of the first to do it. I embraced the unique challenge of imagining a modern photoshoot for such a classic star. The looks I curated with Gaultier feature some of my favourite designers working today—since Marilyn has always been known as a trendsetter—while still embodying her timeless elegance and sense of empowerment.”

David Koma. Courtesy of CR Fashion Book
Fendi. Courtesy of CR Fashion Book

“The CR Fashion Book brand has always looked towards fashion’s future,” says Vladimir Roitfeld, CEO of CR Fashion Book, Ltd. “We were honoured by the opportunity to work with innovators in this new digital landscape, especially on a subject as renowned as Ms. Monroe. These covers are arriving amidst a global Marilyn resurgence, which only further highlights the everlasting allure of her cultural impact. Created using a blend of traditional editorial production and digital technology, each look was first styled via a body double and then virtually added onto Marilyn by the amazing image team at NowOpen. Marilyn’s likeness has been captured in many forms over the past few decades, so it was exciting to imagine her within this fantastical new medium for CR China.”

Marilyn Monroe
Thom Browne. Courtesy of CR Fashion Book
Marilyn Monroe
Balmain. Courtesy of CR Fashion Book

“CR was the obvious choice to style and debut the modern Marilyn,” added Jim Gibb, Creative Director for the Marilyn Monroe Estate. “Carine Roitfeld is a premiere purveyor of taste, and we knew she and her team would be able to conceive Marilyn in a contemporary period without losing her signature ‘it’ factor. We’re thrilled to be able to expand on her legacy with one of the world’s leading fashion editorials and introduce her to a global audience in a whole new way.”

The collector’s edition is on sale now.