Margot Robbie
Credit:Toni Anne Barson/FilmMagic

In September Margot Robbie garnered unwanted attention from paparazzi after concerns for the health of her good friend Cara Delevingne. Just days earlier the model was spotted allegedly behaving erratically at an airport. Images went viral after Robbie was supposedly captured leaving the house of Delevingne crying.

According to the actress in a cover interview with Vanity Fairthe reports were completely false. Instead she was leaving an Airbnb she was renting. “And I’m not crying!’ I had something in my eye,” she told the publication. “I’m trying to grab my face mask, trying to hold a coffee cup, and I couldn’t get a hair outta my eye.”

In early October Robbie had been holidaying in Argentina with Delevingne when she was met with paparazzi, again, which allegedly sparked a brawl and ongoing legal proceedings. Reports suggested Robbie was injured as she attempted to get into a taxi. The Wolf of Wall Street actress revealed that was also false “but she could have been” hurt.

Margot Robbie Cara Delevingne
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“You want to correct it, but you just can’t,” the 32-year-old, who doesn’t use social media, added. “You have to, I don’t know, look the other way.”

Hailing from sunny Queensland, Australia, the actress rose to fame after her appearance in the local drama Neighbours. While she has adjusted to life in the spotlight she says that interviews, particularly press junkets, still stress her out.

“They only want sound bites and I don’t resent them for it, I get it—they’ve got three minutes,” she said, referring to the media. “But it’s like tap dancing through a minefield because you’re so tired and you’ve done it for hours and hours, and to keep on guard all the time…. You can say it right a thousand times, but you say it wrong once, you’re fucked.”

Robbie is set to star in the upcoming film Babylon, out January 19, and the Greta Gerwig-led film Barbie which is yet to have a release date.