M.A.C. Cosmetics just showcased it’s first 3D experience in Boulevard City Riyadh. The company took over the Boulevard’s miniature Times Square on the 7th of March, with an exceptional visual show to launch the new Stack Mascara. Visitors were stunned by the impressive visual choreography and animations.

The MAC Cosmetics team struggled throughout two years to create the formula that we see today. The main aspect for this formula is customisation, allowing it to be an every day necessity for women across the globe. The mascara’s formula includes weightless volume, clump resistance and lasts for 24 hours.

To further promote the newest addition to the M.A.C Cosmetics family, MAC launched a digital game which allows you to stack up the mascara itself. This game was introduced within the visual animation show during an outdoor event organised by the brand itself.

The makeup brand is known for it’s immense expertise in the beauty industry, introducing incredible beauty products to the market. Whether it’s the MAC Fix+, which is a beloved primer that many makeup gurus use to this day, or the MAC Soar lipstick, which was almost always sold out because of its incredible demand, their products always live up to their hype and become make-up bag necessities, so we’re certain this product is certainly not going to disappoint.

To play M.A.C. Cosmetics latest game, visit their website.