Love, Life and Everything In Between is the title of Netflix’s new anthology series. The new series dives into the beautiful layers of romantic relationships in eight short films. These eight short films are directed by award-winning and Oscar-nominated directors from six different Arab countries, which will be launching on the 10th of March.

The eight short films all tell a different story, a story of love through the director’s lens. It’s infused with a dark comedic twist, adding a bit of their own country and culture to the film. The stories take place on Valentine’s Day, challenging lead characters to express love, comprehend it and live within the twists and turns that come along with it.

Love, Life and Everything In Between
Courtesy of Netflix

The films are the creations of esteemed directors: Khairy Beshara (Egypt), Sandra Bassal (Egypt), co-directors Hany Abu Assad and Amira Diab (Palestinian) Michael Kammoun (Lebanon), Mahmoud Sabbagh (Saudi Arabia), Abdulmohsen Aldhabaan (Saudi Arabia), Kaouther Ben Hania (Tunisia), and Hicham Lasri (Morocco).

One of the episodes that is directed by Tunisian Director, Kaouther Ben Hania, focuses on the experience of the owner of a slaughterhouse, who is going through a severe financial crisis and is struggling to make ends meet, practically driving himself mad to perfect Valentine’s Day for his wife.  The film takes you on a comedic, yet sincere journey as the protagonist tries to juggle all things at once. When asked to describe her work, Kaouther said, “Valentine’s Day is a holiday that requires spending, and money is bound to be the quintessential proof of love. Penniless, our hero must find a way to buy a gift for his wife.”

The show will be available in 190 countries on Netflix, subbed in 33 languages, and dubbed to five languages.