Dubai Bling has quickly become one of the most popular series after premiering on Netflix on October 27th. Every other Middle Eastern person you know is currently binge-watching the show or chatting about it with their friends. With all the glitz and glamour you can imagine, the reality TV show depicts the luxurious lifestyle that a group of socialites based in the UAE are living. From Safa casually purchasing a Dhs200,000 necklace to LJ planning an exclusive desert getaway with her friends, the trending Netflix show is a classic example of why many refer to Dubai as the “City of Gold.”

Speaking of LJ, with her $4 Million net-worth, she is the second-wealthiest among all the rich and famous show stars and seems to have become a fan-favourite character in no time. Loujain Adada comes from a simple background and family, she was born in California and spent some of her early years there before relocating to her hometown in Lebanon.

When she was 14 years old, she began modelling since she had always been interested in fashion, photography, music, and event planning. The Lebanese model then received a TV hosting invitation from MTV Lebanon, at the age of 21, to anchor the music-related show ‘Energy Spin Magazine,’ which marked the beginning of her career as a TV presenter.

Later at the age of 25, Loujain Adada married the 60-year-old billionaire businessman, Walid Juffali, who was the chairman of Saudi Arabia’s several largest privately-owned businesses, with E.A. Juffali and Brothers, Saudi Cement Company and others on the list. The two got married in a lavish ceremony in Venice that made headlines for being one of the most expensive weddings, with LJ’s $3 million diamond necklace and Akon being the lead singer at the event, the ceremony is said to have costed a whopping $10 million.

Walid Juffali, LJ’s husband, was diagnosed with cancer soon after they wed and battled the illness for several years until passing away in 2016. Loujain claims that her spouse passed very soon after the birth of their second child. In honour of her late husband’s sixth death anniversary, she wrote an Instagram caption that said: “Forever in my heart W, it’s been almost 6 years without you and my daughters without their father and there will be no love to anyone like the love I had for you, ur love for life is unforgettable and u passed it on to your daughters.”

The millionaire has not yet remarried after her husband’s passing and has instead spent her time mostly concentrating on raising her two girls, but as we can see from her most recent reality show on Netflix, she is finally ready to move on and start looking for a new spouse. Her first appearance on Dubai Bling was for a blind date with Ebraheem Al Samadi, founder of the Forever Rose company.

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Loujain is described as “assertive, outspoken and not shy to speak her mind” in Dubai Bling. We must say we admire her sense of style and charming aura.