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It’s about time we get ourselves a new Arab reality TV show and this one’s bringing all the bling, glitz, and glam back home. Netflix’s latest series Dubai Bling, has just been released on the streaming service as of today, and features ten Arab millionaires and their everyday wealthy (and maybe dramatic) lives. The first season, with eight episodes, has just dropped and you can watch it here.

So what exactly is Dubai Bling about?

Netflix’s latest Arab reality TV series follows the behind-the-scenes unfiltered lives of UAE’s trailblazers. Wondering what luxury really is in the UAE? Get ready for runaway fashion, exotic resorts, the city’s exclusive spots, and more. Obviously, the cast will be stirring up some major drama. Couch surfers, are we in?

Image via Netflix

Do we have a trailer for Dubai Bling?

Yes, and it seems pretty impressive. Watch the trailer here:

Who is part of the cast?

We’ll be seeing notable names from the real estate and entertainment scene as well as socialites and influencers on the show. The featured cast hail from multiple countries including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, India, and Australia. The cast members are: Farhana Bodi, Kris Fade, DJ Bliss, Ebraheem Al Samadi, Zeina Khoury, Lojain Omran, Safa Siddiqui, and Loujain Adadah. Learn more about the cast below.


Farhana is a social media influencer, born in India and raised in South Africa. She is the founder of events and lifestyle brand, I Woman Of The World, and it’s no secret that Farhana enjoys the finer things in life.


Marwan Parham Al Awadhi, better known by his stage name as DJ Bliss, is a an Emirati DJ, TV and video presenter, and a trailblazer when it comes to the entertainment and nightlife industry in the Middle East.

Loujain adada

Loujain Adada is a model and former TV presenter based in Dubai. She was married to Saudi billionaire Walid Juffali before his death, and is now raising their two daughters.

Stay tuned for more announcements on Netflix’s Dubai Bling.


Kris Fade is no stranger to the spotlight, known for his namesake radio show on Virgin, “The Kris Fade Show.” We can’t wait to watch the Lebanese and Australian media sensation on the big screen.


Wifey to Kris Fade and brand manager to Fade Fit, Brianna is another member of the Dubai Bling cast we’re excited to see.


CEO of Highmark Real Estate, the Lebanese born and bred mogul is making a name for herself as the link between the cast, according to Netflix.


Better known as Diva Dee, the Emirati reality TV star is married to DJ Bliss and is also part of the incredible cast.

lojain omran

TV show host and celebrity Lojain Omran is also blessing our screens. The Saudi sensation has presented on numerous shows across the region, and has decided to let the cameras into her home.

Safa Siddiqui

Safa is a well-known Iraqi-British socialite who’s an expert in all things fashion and glamour.


Al Samadi is an entrepreuneur and socialite who is owner and CEO of Forever Rose and its subsidiaries.