To the ’90s gal and everyday fashionista who pulls major inspiration from one of the most iconic eras, brace yourselves because, boy, do we have a surprise for you. Lebanese jewellery brand L’Atelier Nawbar and Lebanese fashion blogger Nathalie Fanj have teamed up and launched the ultimate six-piece ring collection, bringing us back to the ’90s with one simple glance.

This collection is your one-stop-shop down memory lane from cassette tapes to unique gadgets, yin-yang detailing, and heart-felt designs. May we introduce you to the Jem Pop collection, highlighting some of the most memorable and iconic pop-culture references. This collection has redefined our love for ’90s plastic jewellery, all while showcasing the boldest yet most playful statement pieces you will hold so dearly to your heart.

After a year of unsettling events occurring in Lebanon, these Lebanese creatives have come together and used this collection as a source of relief and creativity. All designs in the collection are gold-plated and handmade by fine jewelry artisans, with intricate detailing revolving around each piece.

Regardless of all the misfortune their country has gone through, by supporting one another, they focus on inspiring, bringing joy to others and creating a collection that reminds them of their most memorable childhood memories.

The collection is available now at