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Jacquemus turned the tennis court into the runway today as he teased out the first look at his new collaboration with Nike on Instagram. The social media posts revealed bits of the sportswear line, which stayed true to the French fashion house’s stylistic direction: neutral-hued and minimalistic. Blended with Nike’s advanced sportswear technology, this collaboration brings forth an exquisite capsule collection consisting of pieces that combine style and functionality.

“I have always been inspired by vintage ACG pieces and Nike campaigns from the ’90s,” Simon Porte Jacquemus noted in his press release for the collaboration. The designer added that “having this imagery in mind, we designed women’s athletic wear with sensuous details and neutral colours, along with my own interpretation of the Humara–my favourite Nike shoe.” Based on the information given at this time, we know the collection will consist of unisex shoes and a variety of women’s sportswear, from a backless dress to a vintage-inspired beige activewear jacket.

Instagram @jacquemus

’90s ads and old school ACG pieces weren’t the only inspiration for this capsule collection. The French fashion designer also drew from one of his favourite female athletes Naomi Osaka for it, creating a pleated tennis skirt inspired by her uniform. He was similarly influenced by the late Princess Diana while designing the collection, referencing her timeless sportswear look that consisted of biker shorts, sunglasses and an oversized crewneck, embedding a minimalistic pair of white seamless biker shorts within the collection. Drawing from iconic women for inspiration reaffirms the female focus of the Jacquemus x Nike sportswear line, and we’re enthusiastic to see more of what’s to come.

The designer has a penchant for sneakers and leans into living an active lifestyle, making the capsule collection personal for Simon Porte. He has noted that it was essential for the Jacquemus x Nike collaboration “to be accessible, for all bodies, and to be a natural blend of Jacquemus style and Nike performance.” From what we’ve seen of the collection so far, we can infer that Jacquemus and Nike have accomplished that.

The Jacquemus x Nike sportswear collection will be available to shop on June 28, 2022, exclusively at