The holy month of Ramadan is upon us as Muslims around the world observe their fast from dawn till dusk. Apart from religious obligations, the act of abstinence is also an experience to remind ourselves to be grateful for our blessings and encourage self-discipline. The best part of Ramadan for most is sitting around the dining table to break fast surrounded by their loved ones after hours of abstaining from food and water. You’ll find many incredible restaurants in the Middle East that will take you on an incredible gastronomic journey and serve you incredible Iftar delicacies to indulge in. If you are in Riyadh, scroll down to see plenty of Iftar deals in Riyadh that not only promise scrumptious dishes but give you an authentic Ramadan experience. All The New Capsule Collections We’ll Be Shopping This Ramadan

VOCO Hotel Riyadh

Iftar Deals in Riyadh
Courtesy of Naya Restaurant, VOCO Hotel Riyadh

For Ramadan, VOCO Hotel has curated an incredible selection of international and Arabian cuisines in a special 5-star Iftar buffet at Naya Lebanese restaurant. VOCO will also be offering special drinks and sweets that will only be served during the month of Ramadan. Experience Ramadan with VOCO at SAR260 for adults and SAR130 for children below 12 years.

For more information or reservation, contact +966 11 457 9999.

Fairmont Riyadh Ramadan Tent

Courtesy of Fairmont Riyadh

Bringing an incredible array of international and traditional dishes to commemorate Ramadan, Fairmont Riyadh Ramadan Tent collaborates with Herfa Non-Prot Organization for a unique blend of the interactive experience of traditional arts and crafts. Experience authentic Iftar dishes along with Saudi heritage and traditions priced at SAR395 per person. The buffet begins from sunset until 8:30 p.m.

For more information or reservation, contact +966 11 826 2626, or email

Meraki Restaurant

Iftar Deals in Riyadh
Courtesy of Meraki Restaurant

The Mediterranean restaurant, Meraki has launched its limited-time-only Ramadan menu. Offering an incredible mouth-watering selection of Greek-inspired dishes, it is a must-visit. Doesn’t the sound of Pita bread, hummus, slow-cooked beef, fresh feta cheese, and truffle labneh just sound incredible? Priced at SAR290 per person, the Meraki also serves special Ramadan drinks to help you stay hydrated. Taste the best of the Mediterranean with Meraki this Ramadan.

For more information or reservation, contact +966 92 000 1050, or email

Elevate Your Ramadan Experience This Year With All The New Ramadan Décor Collections


Maiz the authentic Saudi fine dining restaurant promises its diners an incredible journey through the diverse cuisines of the Kingdom with a contemporary touch in their special Iftar menu. Experience the richness of well-known Saudi recipes such as aish bl laham, najdi jareesh, luqaimat and more priced at only SAR425 per person.

For more information or reservation, contact +966 92 001 5513, or email 

Kingdom ballroom, Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh

Iftar Deals in Riyadh
Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh

Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh, the five star hotel invites guests to their incredible Iftar feast led by their senior executive chef Lucas Glanville at the Kingdom Ballroom this Ramadan. Seven culinary islands will be served with diverse cuisines including authentic Saudi, Asian, Italian and more. The kingdom ballroom will be fitted with traditional luxe decor in white and gold accents demonstrating the opulence of Arabia. Relish an incredible Iftar experience fit for royalty by Four Seasons only for SAR550 per person from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

For more information or reservation, contact +966 11 211 5212.